Saturday, March 26, 2016


The there's a subject that affects everyone.  It's not political, it's not a deep subject, it's, well, the weather.  We never really know what it will bring.  And if you're from Wisconsin...

Tonight's offering is just a little light reading and something everyone in this community can relate to.

By Patty Lynn

The calendar has tricked me.
It tells me that it’s Spring.
But looking out my window,
Let’s say, I’m not convinced.

I should be seeing little sprouts,
The evidence I’m seeking,
Looks more like wind & snow & ice.
Believe me, nothing’s peeking.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised,
Because I’m living where…
You never really can predict
Just what you’re going to wear.

We have a joke that goes like this:
You wonder weatherwise?
No matter what it is right now,
In fact, just close your eyes…

‘Cause in five minutes it’ll change,
That’s just the way it be.
You’re in Wisconsin, after all,
That’s why we’re worry-free.

The weather’s unpredictable,
A word we use a lot,
It changes, you can count on that.
I guess that's all I've got.

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