Wednesday, March 16, 2016


If you're like me you're getting pretty tired of all this election everything all over TV.  I've just about had it and like everyone else, I have an opinion.  But I'm not naming names, slinging mud, or shouting from the rooftops (although there are days when I'd like to.)

They say it's best not to discuss religion and politics and that is sound advice.  Things can and have gotten, to say the least, out of hand, especially as we move closer to determining the nominees. I certainly don't want to be guilty of offending those who have made their choice of presidential candidate or try to imbue my views on anyone who may be grappling with that decision.  But I did want to share some of my thoughts poetically, but again I won't mention any names.

By Patty Lynn

It seems so inconceivable that anyone would choose…
A man that represents himself as someone who can’t lose…
Not just their vote but, he will say, he wins at everything!
‘Cause Make the U.S. Great Again, has such a lovely ring.

But just look back, not very far, when he was on TV.
Remember how this egoistic looked then to you & me?
Now tell me what you thought of him, his wealth, his winning way?
Did you think PRESIDENTAL, is that what you would say?

And when you saw his family, his Model wife, his kids,
His opulence of living, his business, what he did…
With laborers and businesses, his bankruptcies, and such,
Did you feel an admiration for his, so called, Midas touch?

And now at all his rallies, he refers to as his “shows,”
Say, are you filled with pride when he promotes you come to blows…
With anyone who disagrees with his philosophy,
Disrupters or protesters, but the worst of them is he.

If anyone’s disrupted things and lacks civility...
Is he who makes the loudest noise, yet lacks stability.
And isn’t that the very thing we want in leadership,
A stable and effective guide who sees relationship…

T’ween government and citizens, who’s a spokesman for them both,
Who does his best to understand, with commitment to the oath…
Of office and to those he serves and takes initiative,
Makes this great nation one in which we all are proud to live?

And if in this election year you’re one who craves a change,
Be wary in your quest for this you’re swayed by the deranged…
Who promise you “straight talk” and say they’re “shooting from the hip,”

When really all they’re offering is wheeler-dealership.

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