Friday, April 1, 2016


Tonight's musings concern themselves with what's happening and news-worthy in our country right now.  I haven't really thought of myself as political but the aberrant nature of this particular election leaves me unable to think about little else.  My first offering was merely my views but written in such a way as not to mention any names in an effort not to offend anyone, especially if their views were in stark contrast to mine.  But upon further consideration, I decided if you have a different opinion, I respect that and you needn't feel obligated to even read my poems.  They are merely my perspective and opinions, nothing more.

By Patty Lynn

I’m really not political, on second thought I am
‘Cause when it comes to Donald Trump, all I can say is, “damn!”
The things he says are so bizarre, he surely can’t be serious,
Perhaps he has a rare disease and he’s just plain delirious?
And maybe it’s contagious and his supporter’s got it,
That’s why these poor deluded souls are so convinced they’ve bought it...
This drivel that he’s spewing out, ridiculous his patter,
While others say, “He’ll go away, it really doesn’t matter.”
But I’m afraid it does, my friend, it could affect the nation
‘Cause, God forbid, it could turn out he gets the nomination.
Now, if you are a Democrat and think you are immune,
You still aren’t safe from Mr. Trump, the resident buffoon.
His followers are legion, imagine him our leader!
And if that happens, I, for one, will surely have a seizure.
I think that at the very least I’ll have a nervous breakdown...
That’s followed by my making plans to have a simple meltdown.
And then I’ll move to somewhere far, perhaps across the ocean.
I know that may sound drastic but I’ve toyed with such a notion...
That illustrates just how I feel, I really am afraid…
Of what might be the worst mistake this country’s ever made.
You’ve heard his views on Muslims, Pro-Choice, illegal immigrants,
On water-boarding, building walls, you’ve seen how he views violence.
And yet so many stand in line, when asked, they say they're for him.
Since that’s the case the rest of us had better not ignore him.
And so I say emphatically, “On Tuesday cast your vote!”
For Donald Trump as nominee may not be so remote.

P.S. If Trump was single and on the Bachelor, I'm sure they'd deem him as un-dateable.  Too bad for us that he's not regarded as un-candidateable.  If only...

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