Tuesday, March 29, 2016


As I've said before, sometimes a poem just comes and has almost a mind of its own.  And yesterday that's just what happened.  I'm sure the embers of it began long before then, but it reached a point that I had to put my feelings into words.  Many of you know that I've been plagued with a bad back for many years and in the last six months, things had gone from bad to worse.  I lived my life with the help of exercise and pain pills and that worked for many years, but over the course of those years the pain had increased past the point where that regime no longer worked.  What's worse, my pain meds could no longer be increased to address the added pain as that, in itself, would be detrimental to my health.

But I was blessed. By that I mean that my daughter and son-in-law found a therapy, called Prolotherapy, that they believed would improve my back pain and address it without any added meds. My daughter had first-hand experience with this method, as she had found it gave her vast improvement with her acute shoulder pain.  Even the difficulty I would have getting to this facility, as it was outside Chicago, they addressed by offering to drive me there once a month for treatment.

I'm happy to report that after five treatments my quality of life is much improved and I have the stamina to do many of the things that I found not only difficult but impossible and my pain is greatly decreased. I'm continuing with treatment and feel at last my future is even brighter.  How could I be anything but grateful. As the poem says, I am blessed.

By Patty Lynn

I’m blessed that’s all that I say, there’s much I’m thankful for,      
Like family and friends to see and walking out the door…
To grocery shop or mail a letter, you think that sounds mundane
But I’m content to do just that, I really can’t complain.

"How boring,” you may say it sounds, this life described by me,
But at this point I find myself unable to agree.
You see, as you get older, there may be limitations,
And even younger me might say, “I have my expectations…

Of how I’ll be when “old” like you.” “OK, I understand,
But age and bodies have their say, won’t do all that you’ve planned.”
It’s possible to change the course of time, you may be lucky,
Want possibilities limitless, it’s obvious you’re plucky…

And not content to just accept these things that I am sharing.
That’s good, keep active, eat for health, not find your life comparing…
To mine at all, and that’s so great, but I am not complaining.
I wrote this so that you would know; I hoped some insight gaining.

Let me be clear, I only speak from my experience.
Perhaps you’ll find it won’t be true and there will be a difference…
Between the way that you grow old and how it is for me.
If limited or limitless, whatever it may be...

I pray that you’ll be grateful and realize you’re blessed.
Your life is what you make of it, to that I can attest.
So trust that God is in control, He loves & cares for you,
And whether simple or complex, He’ll every day renew…

Your mind and spirit, heart and soul, fulfill your every need,
Provide you comfort, give you strength, and that is guaranteed.
Regardless what you face in life, contentment to distress,
Accept His hand in everything and you, too, can be blessed.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


The weather...now there's a subject that affects everyone.  It's not political, it's not a deep subject, it's, well, the weather.  We never really know what it will bring.  And if you're from Wisconsin...

Tonight's offering is just a little light reading and something everyone in this community can relate to.

By Patty Lynn

The calendar has tricked me.
It tells me that it’s Spring.
But looking out my window,
Let’s say, I’m not convinced.

I should be seeing little sprouts,
The evidence I’m seeking,
Looks more like wind & snow & ice.
Believe me, nothing’s peeking.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised,
Because I’m living where…
You never really can predict
Just what you’re going to wear.

We have a joke that goes like this:
You wonder weatherwise?
No matter what it is right now,
In fact, just close your eyes…

‘Cause in five minutes it’ll change,
That’s just the way it be.
You’re in Wisconsin, after all,
That’s why we’re worry-free.

The weather’s unpredictable,
A word we use a lot,
It changes, you can count on that.
I guess that's all I've got.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


If you're like me you're getting pretty tired of all this election everything all over TV.  I've just about had it and like everyone else, I have an opinion.  But I'm not naming names, slinging mud, or shouting from the rooftops (although there are days when I'd like to.)

They say it's best not to discuss religion and politics and that is sound advice.  Things can and have gotten, to say the least, out of hand, especially as we move closer to determining the nominees. I certainly don't want to be guilty of offending those who have made their choice of presidential candidate or try to imbue my views on anyone who may be grappling with that decision.  But I did want to share some of my thoughts poetically, but again I won't mention any names.

By Patty Lynn

It seems so inconceivable that anyone would choose…
A man that represents himself as someone who can’t lose…
Not just their vote but, he will say, he wins at everything!
‘Cause Make the U.S. Great Again, has such a lovely ring.

But just look back, not very far, when he was on TV.
Remember how this egoistic looked then to you & me?
Now tell me what you thought of him, his wealth, his winning way?
Did you think PRESIDENTAL, is that what you would say?

And when you saw his family, his Model wife, his kids,
His opulence of living, his business, what he did…
With laborers and businesses, his bankruptcies, and such,
Did you feel an admiration for his, so called, Midas touch?

And now at all his rallies, he refers to as his “shows,”
Say, are you filled with pride when he promotes you come to blows…
With anyone who disagrees with his philosophy,
Disrupters or protesters, but the worst of them is he.

If anyone’s disrupted things and lacks civility...
Is he who makes the loudest noise, yet lacks stability.
And isn’t that the very thing we want in leadership,
A stable and effective guide who sees relationship…

T’ween government and citizens, who’s a spokesman for them both,
Who does his best to understand, with commitment to the oath…
Of office and to those he serves and takes initiative,
Makes this great nation one in which we all are proud to live?

And if in this election year you’re one who craves a change,
Be wary in your quest for this you’re swayed by the deranged…
Who promise you “straight talk” and say they’re “shooting from the hip,”

When really all they’re offering is wheeler-dealership.

Friday, March 11, 2016


By Patty Lynn

I saw a sign the other day, and this is what it said,
That life is short so you should do what you enjoy, it read.
I wondered if those words were meant for me, retired me,
Or were they only for the young and being young the key?

I hearkened back to twenty-one, when dreams were really fresh
And I was so excited wanting everything to mesh,
My life, career, my goals and love, yes, love, I wanted that,
But wondered could that really work or would it all fall flat?

By twenty-five I had it all, soon children came along,
And, truth be told, I even got to act & and sing a song,
For I participated in productions in my town.
I thought I was the luckiest, the luckiest girl around.

And then my babies both grew up and I was someone new,
For I became a grandma, t'was just the best I ever knew
In being that I was fulfilled, this role was tailor-made.
With every precious kiss and hug, I’m never over-paid.

And like my own, not babies now, but little ones they be.
They need their Grandma not as much and that’s OK with me.
No singing now, the voice is gone, I’ve settled into us.
I’m satisfied to be myself, no dreams to be discussed.

For as the sign that prompted this, I do just what I love,
I spend most days relaxed with you and surely God above.
Retired, yes, but I’m content to be just who I am,
A grown up girl, who used to sing, your wife and helpful Gram.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


I'm sure we're all familiar with this phrase and, of course, we're familiar with the way it ends, too, (than never to have loved at all.) But tonight's poem is a good example of...well, let's say it proves this adage wrong.

Living as long as I have, I've heard it all, every tale of love gone right and plenty of stories of love gone terribly wrong.  And though there are many love stories filled with joy and happiness, there are equally as many that have brought sorrow and heartache.  I know we'd much rather hear about "hearing bells when the One comes into view, or "love at first sight," or "the marriage that's lasted 50 years," but there are plenty of instances where he or she finds out that the guy/girl is NOT who they seemed to be.  Such is the case with the following poem.

By Patty Lynn

You’ve heard the old expression, “wish I could catch a break,”
One thing goes wrong, then even more & life is far from great?
Well, this will illustrate just that, I’m telling you, ten-fold,
I’ve been around for many years, let’s face it, bud, I’m old…
But I can tell you, without doubt, this story takes the cake,
And when I tell you, you’ll say too, “wish she could catch a break.”

You see, this gal’s done everything, well, practically, just right.
She’s confident & self-assured, intelligent and bright,
But even so, no guarantee she’s meeting Mr. Right,
For there are those convincing sheep whose wolf-like teeth can bite.

He seems so sweet, gregarious, a thoughtful fun companion,
But prey he will, he’ll suck you in, so you don’t see the canyon…
That separates your soul from his, no soulmate here you’ll find,
Just emptiness and heartlessness, a black, conniving mind.

But she believes the best of him, gives all she had to give.
The two they marry, settle down but does he choose to live
As one who loves and shares it all, a home and heart for her?
No, true to form, not true at all, he leaves her in the lurch.
And leaves her there to sort things out while he pursues whatever…
Will make him happy, what feels good, consumed by HIS endeavors.

And so her sorrow grows with time and ending it is legal.
She’s strong, survives, though this might spell demise for lesser people.
She knows that she will rise above the sadness that remains.
Her loss is not indelible just temporary stains.

I’m sure she asks just why it came, this chapter in her life,
Why this her course, her way this path, so strewn with all this strife.
But chances are she’ll never know, the answer or the reason.
I hope someday she’ll meet someone, a someone to believe in.

It’s easy to denounce it all and say no one is worthy,
That she will never, ever take the chance to make that journey…
To find someone she’ll know is true, who’ll love without condition.
She’s done, she’ll say, “no more, you’ll see, I'll never grant admission…
Into my life, into my heart, the hurt’s just way too deep.
I’ll never trust another man, I’ll look before I leap,
But even then I’ll just assume he isn’t what he seems,
He isn’t worth my time at all, he’ll crush my every dream.”
No one can blame the way she feels, she’s surely had enough,
Besides with all her other trials she can’t pretend she’s tough…
When clearly she is fragile, but don’t you count her out.
She’ll come back even stronger, of that I have no doubt.
I pray that time will heal her heart, she’s due a new beginning,
And, frankly, hope that those who hurt are punished for their sinning.
The bottom line is there should be some equity of JUSTICE…

For those who love and those who hurt, the scale should be adjusted!