Wednesday, January 20, 2016


If you're like me you see how we've become the technology generation to point that if you're waiting for a bus, waiting for your kids or waiting in line at the supermarket, no one talks to each other anymore.  Now I know there's no requirement that says you have to strike up a conversation with a stranger while you're waiting, but sometimes it's nice just to share a few pleasantries with another human being.  I especially find it interesting when there's a hallway of parents, babysitters, or grandparents waiting for their kids after school and everybody's buried in their phones.  I'm surprised everybody in the world isn't suffering from severe neck aches from looking down for so long.  But technology is here to stay and I thought I'd write a little ditty about this all too prevalent a problem.

By Patty Lynn

I know we’d all be lost without our cellphones every day,
But those whose phones are well-equipped, I wish they’d find a way
To disengage, talk face to face, when people are around,
Instead of checking, texting, posting, always looking down.
What happened to the art they call, let’s see, communication?
It seems as though the “art of talk” is lost, is on vacation.
So though it’s grand to have that phone and all the things it does.
I’ve got to say, I’d rather have my life the way it was.
Technology, it has its place, computer, tablet, phone.
But I prefer in-person talk than typing all alone.

T is for the length of TIME I’ve wasted on my screen.
E is checking EMAIL as against this wall I lean.
C is for COMMUNICATE that I only do online.
H is for this HABIT that I wish was just part-time.
N is NEVER TALKING to others who’re around.
O is ONLY looking down, not up, but always down.
L is for the LOSER, ‘cause that’s what I’ve become.
O it’s oh, so OBVIOUS that I’m not the only one.
G are GOOD INTENTIONS, to speak much more in-person. 
Y is YES, I know this is, a problem, that’s for certain.

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