Sunday, January 31, 2016


Last week I had a delightful "lunch date" with a young women from my past.  Now 28, she was all grown up, pretty and as smart and capable as I could have predicted she'd be.  She's home now, back in Georgia, back to what's familiar and more importantly, back where she's happy.  I won't go into any details as the poem explains much of them.  I hope you enjoy it.

By Patty Lynn

The other day was just the best, a lunch spent with a friend.
We talked and talked and talked some more, I thought it wouldn’t end.
You see we hadn’t talked like that for many, many years.
We sat and reminisced a bit, oft times were brought to tears.

I figured it’d been 10 years since we had seen each other,
And 10 years more since she was small and I was her stepmother.
And in the meantime she grew up and moved away from here,
Another place, another life, I’m glad she reappeared.

Some irony that it had been the passing of her Dad
That brought us here, let us recall some memories we had.
And it was great to see, first hand, the woman she’d become,
So self-assured and capable, so many battles won.

Another trial brought her back, to settle the estate,
Though it seemed insurmountable, the job she did, first rate.
But not without its stress and angst, I don’t know how she did it.
A lesser child would take one look and simply want to quit it.

It took four months and then at last she took a broom to floor,
Turned out the lights, took one last look, and then she closed the door.
And so that chapter had its end, though nice to reconnect.
She’s left Wisconsin and the snow, now “home” would take effect.

For there she lives a simple life, and that’s how she describes it,
With animals and plants to grow, the man she loves, besides it…
Is everything she wants in life, a beautiful existence.
She’ll maybe visit here again but only on insistence.

I’m glad we had the time we did, a time of re-connection.
We shared a lot, we laughed a lot, enjoyed each recollection.
I’m hoping she’ll come back one day and we can get together.
Though years may come and years may go, this day we will remember.

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