Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Well, we're 5 days in to 2016 and I've written my first poem this year.  It is a bit "tongue in cheek" but the message, or should I say, the resolution to write more poems in the new year, is sincere.  I have made a new commitment to my writing so I hope you'll hear more from me this year. At least, that's my intent.  And to that end I offer you:

By Patty Lynn

I’ve made a resolution like many often do
Because the year's just started, in short, the old year’s through.
And so here goes, yes, this is it, my promise to myself.
I’m going to write more poems this year, my goal is more than twelve.

But just how many, I can’t say, a lot is my intent.
It’s just that last year I fell short, ideas came and went.
To say I had a dry spell is putting it, well, mildly,
But this year I’ll attack it hard, not timidly but wildly.

Because I’m so determined, to keep my resolution,
I’ll make it clear to you, my friend, so there is no confusion.
I’m going to be prolific and wax on quite poetic.
This promise of my future goals is, as they say, prophetic.

I’ll find ideas that will be most clever, entertaining
And once I’ve written two or three, I’ll crank them out maintaining…
A dedication to my art, define myself as POET,
And anyone who reads my work, will absolutely know it.

Yes, I’ll make sure the world describes my work as simply brilliant,
But if someone finds fault with me, I’ll prove myself resilient.
Though they might feel entitled and judge my work unfairly,
I’ll never let it bother me, well, better said, just rarely.

Perhaps I’ll write another book and share the poems I’ve written.  
A thick one so you know that I’ve by writing’s bug been bitten.
In fact, I’ll write so many poems that people will take notice,
Remarking that they’ve never seen a poet who’s more focused.

And soon I will be famous and appearing on TV,
Be interviewed and followed, too, to get a glimpse of me.
But then I’ll come to realize, I’ve no more time to write.
My lofty goal to write more poems has caused me to lose sight…

Of what’s important, why I write and what inspires me,
What peeks my interest, moves my soul, what my desires be.
So I’ve concluded from all this that writing has a pace.
My love of writing’s all I need, that nothing can erase.

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