Thursday, January 7, 2016


It's been an eventful week.  I planned to take down the Christmas tree and decorations and get some organizational things accomplished.  But, as they say: "The best-laid plans of mice and men..."

Monday at noon as I was heating up the cheese in the microwave, something unexpected happened.
I turned it on and suddenly it made this horrific noise and nothing would heat.  Just what I needed, a broken microwave, and right after the additional costs of the holidays.

So I thought I'd find out about the life expectancy of this appliance and the probable culprit when the heating stops, cold (pun intended.)  I won't go into detail but the general consensus was, well, better yet, I'll let my latest poem tell it.

By Patty Lynn

We had a simple microwave we bought 6 years ago
And yesterday it chose to die, which wasn’t apropos.
Why is it things aren’t made today so they will really last?
It wasn’t like that years ago, things lasted in the past.

We sought out a repairman who said it wouldn’t pay
To get it fixed, he plainly nixed that thought we had today.
“You see, he said, “they’re only made to last but a few years.
Accept it, that’s the way it is, so dry your little tears.”

“It would cost more to fix it than it’s really worth, that’s why
If you got six years, ma'am, that’s great, they typically last five.”
“Five years, that’s crazy,” I replied, “How can that be the case?
So companies just make things cheap, that leaves a sour taste!”

And so we didn’t have a choice, we had buy a new one.
We looked and looked and shopped and shopped; that process is such fun.
They brought it by just yesterday, installed it, hauled away…
My old one, I thought all was well…until it all turned gray.

I opened up my microwave, no problem, then I tried...
To close the door, yikes, what’s the deal, so hard I almost cried!
So tell me why the easy things seem difficult to do?
Just why can’t things be tested first before they’re brought to you?

So now the business has to send another microwave,
Exchange it for the one I got and hope it will behave.
Another day we have to wait for a delivery.
If life is short why must such things take precious time from me?

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