Saturday, December 19, 2015


Years ago I was more guilty of this than I am now, you know, the rush, rush, rush of getting everything done, making a Christmas List (checking it twice and three times) buying the gifts, getting out the greeting cards, finding time to wrap everything, and baking.  It was worse back in the days when I had the Christmas Eve festivities at my house.  Yikes! All the preparations were enough to make you crazy.  But it wasn't that long ago, and I remember.  Nowadays, we're fortunate to have family close and "the kids" do all the preparing and have the festivities at their houses.  I'm a lucky Mom, that's for sure.

But tonight I wanted to remember those days and write a poem that reminds us all of the real meaning for Christmas and how God's gift of His Son way back in Bethlehem is what we can so easily lose sight of in the whole scheme of things.  I hope it reminds you all of what Christmas is all about.

By Patty Lynn

It’s a week before Christmas and all through the house
We both are relaxing, just me and my spouse.
The tree lights are sparkling, the stockings are hung,
The cards are already, with the lick of a tongue.

The gifts are all purchased, selected online,
From jewelry to toys, to clothing and wine.
What’s more, they’re all wrapped, boy, am on the ball!
Now it’s time to start baking…but the clock on the wall…

Says, “Hey, listen, it’s midnite, it’s bedtime, you Silly,
After all, you’ve been racing around willy-nilly.
Just stop for a minute, look at all that you’ve done.
C’mon get some rest now, you’ve accomplished a ton!”

Besides, there’s tomorrow, another day dawns.
Right now my bed's calling, I’m responding with yawns.
When I get up tomorrow I promise I’ll be
Relaxed and less frantic, I’ve a week more I see…

To do all my baking, read cards, do some calling,
With personal wishes, those visits enthralling.
For it’s easy to get all caught up in preparing
And forget that the season’s a time meant for sharing.

It doesn’t revolve ‘round the presents, the baking,
But rather that Baby, God’s love for the taking.
It’s easy to get all caught up in the doing,
Forgetting what happened that gave hearts renewing.

We’ve just got to stop, take a moment to ponder
The true meaning of Christmas, lest it’s meaning we squander.
No matter your project, God gives enough time
To do what’s important whether yours, whether mine.

This holiday season, cherish loved ones and say,
“God’s gift of His Son’s why we have Christmas day.
All else doesn’t matter if we have only this,”

Then close with, “I love you” and seal with a kiss.

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