Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Sounds pretty dramatic, doesn't it?  Well, it was.  Yes, the day (Oct.6th) has come and gone and I survived but it wasn't easy.  I don't know why that number was so hard to believe, but I just couldn't wrap my head around it.  I've said this before, "I'm young enough to remember that when I was young, someone who was 70, was OLD!"  And really my family was so gracious and made sure they wished me a Happy Birthday on the day, some even sang the song so, by no means, was I forgotten.

My sister had everyone over for cake and ice cream the Sunday before my birthday and, as always, we all had a great time.  My niece's birthday was the 10th so it was kind of a two-fer and that took a little of the sting out of my milestone.  And then on Monday my daughter called and said she and her husband and two boys wanted to take my husband and me out for a nice lunch to Fratello's on the following Sunday.  I thought that was really nice and yet couldn't figure out why everyone was making such a fuss over my 70th.

When we arrived at the restaurant, my daughter greeted us at the door and said to follow her into the bar area for a drink before lunch.  Well, I had the surprise of my life when I rounded the corner only to find a room full of friends and family shouting "Surprise!!"  And I indeed was surprised.  My daughter and my sister had gone all out, linens on the tables, flower arrangements down the center of each table, photo displays that left me weepy as they stirred up all kind of memories.  My brother-in-law, Jim, had done a photo montage on his laptop and John took photos of the festivities. There was a printed menu for everyone to choose from and the food was delicious.  What a spectacular affair!!!

I was so touched by this outpouring of love and the thoughtfulness that went into the party.  It will be a memory I'll treasure always.

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