Saturday, October 24, 2015


I'm almost in a state of unbelief but I finally wrote a poem, I mean my usual way.  I didn't have to force myself, didn't have to tell myself that I'd better, it just came.  That may not sound like a big deal, but it really is.  So here it is:

By Patty Lynn

When I was younger, yes, I thought
At seventy you’re old.
A cane, gray hair, corrective shoes,
Like aging cheese, you’d mold.

I thought old people all were deaf,
Their eyesight…almost blind.
Young men would walk you ‘cross the street.
You’d tell them, “You’re so kind.”

And then one day I woke to find
That I had reached that day,
The day when I was seventy
About that let me say…

This aging thing, it’s not so bad
Sure slowing down’s a part.
But that’s okay, I savor now,
I feel more from the heart.

That comes in handy since I’m now
A Grandma, best job ever.
I love them so and don’t ya’ know,
They think that I’m real clever.

But truth be told it’s living long
With memories by the score
That they find fascinating, cool.
They even long for more…

For often I share how things were
When I was little, too,
Before computers, tablets, phones,
And how I made it through…

Without the gadgets that they love
And toys sophisticated.
How days were spent, much quieter,
Yet we were stimulated.

I wouldn’t trade those bygone days
That made who I am,
Nor would I go back if I could
And live it all again.

Those 70 years, I lived them well,
They brought me here today,
And I’m so glad I’m where I am.
Perhaps, I’m just halfway!

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