Tuesday, May 26, 2015


My husband and I spent most of ths Memorial Day with some of his family members, meeting up with them in Wisconsin Rapids.  His sister came with many silk flower arrangements to adorn the family markers for both of his parents and his grandparents. I don't have many opportunities to see them and visit, so this was good time to do that too.  We were tired by the time we arrived home (driving 174 miles) but we were so glad we did. That's a lot of miles to drive in one day, but it was important that we go. I had hoped to post this poem last night but as it was almost midnight and I was falling asleep at the computer, I opted to post a day later.

By Patty Lynn

A few words dedicated to all who serve or have served
in our country’s armed forces.

M is for the MEN who died, protecting you and me.
E is for ETERNAL our gratitude will be.
M is for the MEMORY of those who stood up tall.
O is for the ONES who fought for freedom, peace for all.
R is how REPEATEDLY they’ve sacrificed so much.
I is for INSPIRING, INCREDIBLE and such.
A is for ASTOUNDING, how much they’ve freely given.
L is LOVE of country, their motive their decision.

These words do not capture the magnitude of the contribution
our service men and women have made to our country’s peace,
but they are heartfelt and sincere. On this and every Memorial Day,
let each one of us take the time to contemplate just what those
that serve have done and continue to do to maintain the freedom that
we all enjoy.

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