Saturday, January 10, 2015


I've been working on this poem for sometime but tonight I finally finished and it's ready to share.  I'm still trying to remember that I now have to write 2015 not 2014.

I guess you could say I've been in a contemplative mood, anticipating a new year, new beginnings and, in all honesty, used this poem as a forum for my concerns with the effect technology is having on our families, especially our kids.  I'm sure you'll know what I mean when you read this.

Also, I haven't been doing much in the way of  writing poetry and I'm not sure why, but perhaps this will start my wheels turning again.  I've been thinking about doing another book so I guess I better get on the stick.  But I digress...


The holidays are over.
A new year has begun.
We made so many memories,
With families had fun.

But now it’s time to think ahead
And contemplate tomorrow.
Will this year be the best one yet,
More happiness than sorrow?

It’s up to you to choose to be
A person God is proud of,
Whose true devotion never wanes?
With faith that’s strong, not sort of.

But, as they say, “Life happens”
And sometimes God’s put last.
Our days become so busy.
And go by awfully fast.

We often make excuses
For prayers that don’t get said,
“We’re just too tired for things like that
Before we go to bed.”

And, “Mealtime is so rushed for us.
No time to eat and talk.”
And if you make your kids sit still,
You know they’ll surely balk.

For in their eyes the Iphone’s it.
Besides they’d rather text …
With all their friends, not family.
They’ve got to know what’s next.

So step up, parents, take a stand,                                                     .
Don’t worry if they fret.
If you don’t put an end to this
You’ll be full of regret.

Not only will you lose your kids
To techno this or that,
You’ll find they’ve lost respect for you
And that’s hard to combat.

So set your sights on making this,
Your very best beginning,
A new year where you come to God
And ask for help in living…

The kind of life that puts God first,
That leads by an example,
That shows your kids God’s love through you;
His portion’s always ample.

Remember that you’re meant to be
A parent not a friend…
That guides with loving discipline.
They'll know they can depend…

On you no matter what they face
And you can bet they’ll test
But what they’ll find are parents who
Are heads above the rest.

I’ll say again, it’s up to you.
This new year’s a blank slate.
Remember, make the most of it.
Don’t leave it up to fate.

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