Saturday, January 24, 2015


I'm sure I don't have to tell you that sometimes life can leave you depressed but I maintain that in many cases it's best to laugh instead.  I'd have to say that for me that's especially true about what I describe as the ravages of time.  C'mon, isn't it comical what time has done to our bodies?

Now I know there are some folks who have exercised regularly and have eaten right their entire lives but that, I confess, has not been me. Consequently, I consider myself a prime example of the effect on a body that has sustained those ravages .  But don't get me wrong, this is not true confessions nor a sad little tale of poor me.  Rather it's a comical look at how gravity changes us physically, along with my philosophy which is that it's always better to laugh than to cry.

For those of you who have the battle of the bulge conquered well...this is not for you.  It may be, however, a means by which you can see what the rest of us are going through even if you can't identify with it.

Regardless of how this issue effects you personally, I think you will get a good laugh out of this one, at least that's my hope.

By Patty Lynn

When I disrobe to take a shower
I typically won’t peek…
At my reflection in the mirror,
There’s nothing there I seek.

I’d like to say I celebrate
My naked body there,
But truth be told, as I grow old,
Can’t bring myself to stare.

But if I do, why, I’m transfixed,
I just can’t look away.
I can’t believe what time can do.
We’re changing every day.

It really doesn’t matter though,
That’s me that’s looking back.
No more do I define myself
By all the things I lack.

And so I look objectively
At sagging-ness of face.
There are no “apples” on my cheeks,
With bones, they’ve been replaced.

And with that comes some jowls, oh joy,
That hang below those cheeks,
A chicken neck and drooping breasts
That once were perky peaks.

I could go on but, “Why?” I ask,
The rest is much the same.
I smile at what occurs to me,
(I know that time’s to blame.)

But what I see reminds me of
A quote that’s from a movie.
And when I tell you, you will laugh.
It really is a doozy.

Remember in the Wiz of Oz
How the witch came to an end
When Dorothy poured some water on…
The witch’s ugly head?

That came to mind as I stood there
With drooping...everything,
Held back a laugh, and said out loud,
"My goodness, me, I'm melting!"

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