Wednesday, November 19, 2014


As promised, here's another poem of observations that I wanted to share with you.  I would imagine that I could go on forever sharing all the things that I learned over the last 69 years but for now I'll call this the second installment in the I'VE LEARNED series.

By Patty Lynn

I’ve learned that life is twice as sweet
With someone dear to share it.
I’ve learned a smile upon your face
Will help you grin and bear it.

I’ve learned that if you’re blessed with friends
Your life is blessed indeed,
And there’s no better feeling than…
To help someone in need.

I’ve learned to give forgiveness,
Even when it’s hard to grant,
Is better than to hold a grudge
And tell yourself you can’t.

I’ve learned no matter what your age
There’s much that you can do…
To make the world a better place
And love will see you through.

I’ve learned that pets can open up
The tightest closed off heart.
Their love is unconditional,
Complete, not just in part.

I’ve learned we all have something that…
We’re dealing with each day.
So be supportive, lend a hand,
And always, always pray…

For patience, understanding, too,
And sensitivity.
Be empathetic, show you care
With authenticity.

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