Sunday, October 19, 2014


I've just decided to make a continuing series entitled I've Learned.  That way as I reflect on this long life of mine I can share what I've learned and remind you of some of the same things you've discovered as well.  I haven't any schedule in mind but you will hear from me on this again. So tonight I'll begin with my first installment of I've Learned.

By Patty Lynn

I’ve learned we underestimate the power of a smile
That’s given unabashedly, not just once in a while.

I’ve learned that life is way too short so please don’t waste a minute.
And time that’s spent with little ones is better with them in it.

I’ve learned that age makes for a life that’s gained a bit of insight,
That sleep can be elusive whether 9 o’clock or midnight.

I’ve learned we never ever stop discovering new things.
We never know just what’s ahead or what tomorrow brings.

I’ve learned that if your heart forgives you’ll finally be free,
For if resentment’s harbored its effects hurt only me.

I’ve learned that prayer and praise should be a part of every day,
That conversations with the Lord should never be one way.

I’ve learned I must be still if I’m to know the Lord’s direction,
And if I’m open I will feel His urging toward perfection.

I’ve learned that aging is a fact so why not just embrace it?
There’s nothing you can really do, stop trying to erase it.

I’ve learned that it’s important, this list of what I’ve Learned,
And to accept that with each year, another page is turned.

So in the future I will do a list like this again.
I’ll ponder long and ponder hard, but I don’t know just when.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I had my 69th birthday this week and I've got to say it wasn't traumatic, imagine that. Since I've adopted my daily mantra, "This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it," my age and the aging process hasn't gotten me down, really. It's amazing that when you don't think about all the trivial things like wrinkles and spreading waistlines and age in general, you can concentrate on what is really important. The world takes on a brighter glow and so do you. Besides those silly aging things don't matter to your friends (they're in the same boat), hopefully your husband (he's in the same boat, too) and they certainly don't matter to your grandchildren. The term GRANDMA congers up a round, squishy lady with grey hair and glasses anyway, so I fit the description. And speaking of grandchildren, they make up such an incredible part of life it makes no sense to spend my time thinking about the things that don't matter anyway. As we say in our family, "That doesn't even register on the Matter-Meter!"

Although my actual birthday was this past Monday and my niece's birthday was on Friday, my sister had everyone over for a birthday celebration at her house last Sunday complete with vegetable lasagna, garlic bread and various and sundry other treats, not to mention birthday cake and ice cream. We all had a great time playing games like Old Maid and enjoying her lovely backyard. The weather was perfect and just to be with family made my 69th a real pleasure. I am so blessed and that was the source of my reflection.  I am not deserving of all these blessings but I am eternally grateful that I have them.

There might be a few pangs next year, my 70th, but I'm not thinking about that now.   Besides I don't feel old under my skin, so let it come.  I'm in my 70th year now, anyway (think about it, you're not 1 until you finished your 1st year) so, basically I'm in my 70th year right now.  Life is good and the aches and pains that go with it are just the way it is.  You can't improve it by complaining about it and really, no one wants to listen to that stuff anyway.

Come on, you years, keep on coming.  I want to be around for my grandchildren's graduation from high school and college and I'll be dag-burned if I'm not going to have a front row seat as they walk down the aisle.  Life is short so I intend to make the most of it.  How about you????