Friday, September 12, 2014


"This is the day the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it."

I had to begin this blog with these words.  You've heard those same ones from me before but as I've said, they bare repeating...daily.  They've helped me a lot.

With the sad things that have permeated this summer for our family I've found it difficult...or shall I say, impossible to write.  It's hard to find the words, the rhymes, the purpose in it all.  You feel like you've been punched in the stomach, not able to catch your breath. These aren't excuses just the fact of the matter. I'm only writing tonight because it's been so long and I thought it was high time.

Today the cold crept up on me (and everyone else) and so, of course, became the consistent theme of every conversation.  At the bank, the store, waiting outside the school for my grandchildren, it didn't matter where you were, that was the subject at hand.  It would've been nice for it to have been gradual, but it wasn't.  I'm not complaining, just grousing a little bit.  It's what we do.  But for us in the arthritis club, well, let's just say we felt the effects of the sudden temperature change more acutely.  It won't stay like this from this point on, at least that's what I tell myself. We're sure to get a few more warmer days before we're in full-fledged Fall/Winter...right? &nbsWhatever we get weather-wise, it's what we're supposed to get.  (I hope you appreciate these deep thoughts and conclusions.)

Seriously, the season change has more positives than negatives.  For me one is the incredible color of the leaves in Autumn.  I always imagine God holding His perfect paint brush and delicately painting every leaf. What follows?  Yes, it's Winter with it's cold winds, icicles, and often a blanket of white snow but as much I wish Winter would have a low no more than 32 degrees and Summer a high of no more than 75, I'm glad we have 4 distinct seasons in Wisconsin and more often than not, a white Christmas.  There's nothing like it, wouldn't you agree?

So, when you feel the the negatives closing in remember the biblical quote above, say it daily, believe it and rely on it. You'll be surprised how those few words can turn your outlook around.