Sunday, August 10, 2014


The subject matter of my last blog was so inconceivable to me that the thought of that situation ever reappearing in my circle of friends and family seemed certainly remote. And yet this past week I was proved wrong. A young woman who's path and mine had crossed many times over the years faced the loss of a child, a baby, and I was brought to my knees.

In this instance, having carried her baby to almost full-term, the child was delivered still-born. With the recent loss my niece and her husband sustained still fresh in my heart, I set pen to paper again hoping to find some poetic words to reflect my sympathy.  This is the result.

If you or someone you know is going through something similar and this poem expresses your feelings, please feel free to use it.  All I ask is that you include my by-line.

By Patty Lynn

We take for granted birth will be
A day of celebration,
Then in an instant joy is gone,
Replaced by devastation.

How can a child so innocent
Have really passed away?
I have no answers and what’s more,
I don’t know what to say.

All I can do is send you love
And pray God comforts you,
Gives strength to bear, grants tender care,
And somehow gets you through.

And with my love these simple words
To let you know I care.
I’m sorry for your aching heart.
You’re in my heart and prayers.

Remember that it truly is
The darkest ‘fore the dawn,
And given time and healing, too,
This sorrow won’t be gone…

But may you find God’s steadfast love,
A haven from your grief.
And there with Him surrounding you,
You find a place of peace.