Friday, July 4, 2014


Back in January I wrote a poem entitled TICKLED BLUE to share with you all the birth of our newest family member. My niece gave birth to her second child, a boy this time, and we all were so thrilled. As with her first, we all were there in the hospital just after he was born, so special to share those incredible first moments. But Wednesday a week ago the unthinkable happened, this little darling baby boy stopped breathing. At this point there are no answers as to the cause, he had no symptoms, and it was completely unexpected.

This past Tuesday we attended his funeral. I hope you never have to see a baby in a casket. He was just five and a half months old. His was a short life but one that touched us all. We'll remember his sweet face, adorable smile and darling chuckle. We can't begin to know why God took our little Jacob. All we can do is trust and pray that God will comfort his parents and sister and the family that loved him so much.

By Patty Lynn

Precious Jacob, little one, today we say goodbye.
Your life on earth so short, dear child, all we can do is cry.
For reasons are not clear to us, just why you had to go.
Our love for you was limitless, a love that overflowed.

There are no words, no deeds that can alleviate our pain
And though you had to go from us our love for you remains.
For no one ever will replace your spot within our hearts.
Love made you and that love remains and never will depart.

But though it’s hard to think of you away from us today,
We know full well you’re there in heaven and so our thoughts give way…
To images of you with Him, our Savior, gentle, kind,
Who sweetly whispers, “I love you,” grants us brief peace of mind.

Our grief is such that we won’t be the same as we once were.
We look at all of this through tears, and everything’s a blur.
We can’t imagine life the same, for same will never be.
A life without you, to go on ’s impossible to see.

Dear Jacob, we have loved you so, the thought of life without you…
Is inconceivable to us, though Savior, we won’t doubt you.
For you have promised that we’ll be united once again
To hold our darling boy once more and tell him he has been…

Our special boy, beyond this life, our love has never waned.
Mere words cannot describe its depth, our love is unrestrained…
For you and for the joy you brought in your short time among us.
We cherish this, remembering you, although this has undone us.

For we are left without you here, we’ll miss you every day
And when at night we try to sleep to God above we’ll pray,
“Please give us strength to bare this life without our Jacob near.
You gave our gift but for a while, your reasons are not clear.

Our hearts are aching for this loss, we don’t know what to do.
Grant healing, Lord, for sadness grows, bring comfort, Lord, in You.
We pray that You will help us find contentment once again.
It seems impossible right now and we don’t know just when.

Lord, fill our hearts with memories of all the time we had,
And tell him he was ever loved by sister, mom and dad,
His grandma, grandpa, family, too, within their hearts he’ll stay.
For every moment spent with him,

Thank you, Dear Lord, we pray.”