Friday, June 13, 2014


I'm a bit late with this blog entry but this poem didn't come easy and I had to work on it intermittently all week.  This past Memorial Day was spent with my husband's family visiting the grave sights of some of his relatives, Mom and Dad, grandparents, etc. For me it was especially nice because it's been a while since I've seen his sister, his aunt, his brother, and cousins.  We all met in Wisconsin Rapids where many of his family have lived for quite a while.  It was a lovely day made more so by seeing family.

By Patty Lynn

Today was spent remembering the loved ones we have lost.
We’d wish forever they could stay for death’s too high a cost,
But life goes on, we must accept all things will someday end.
With time and prayer, God’s comfort, care will help our poor hearts mend.

It sounds so simple to accept death’s harsh reality,
But how, when there’s an empty space that’s filled with only me?
They say with time you miss them less; I can’t believe that’s true.
Though years go by and we grow old, their memory’s ever new.

Their life so intertwined with ours, the special times we shared,
No wonder we still feel the grief, if only they’d been spared.
A life without them’s hard to face, what we would give to have…
Another day to say again, “I love you Mom and Dad.”

And others, too, who touched our lives, would seeing them be good,
To only lose them once again that devastation would…
Be even harder than it was the first time and for them…
Would mean they’d leave their Heavenly Home, their joy by us condemned.

No matter when, the end of life is difficult to face.
But there is comfort this to bear, if we could but embrace…
Our Lord who promises to us, a Heaven He’s prepared.
We need not wonder, worry, too and we need not be scared.

For God He keeps his promises for now and evermore
Our loved ones are at home in Him, so much He has in store…
For them, for us, He grants us this, perfection all our days.
Eternal life is promised, true, right there in His embrace.

It’s hard recalling those we loved for sorrow’s wall is steep.
I pray for comfort and His care although my loss is deep.
My loved one’s gone, my pain is real, but God helps me replace it,
With recollections, memories sweet, with these I now can face it.