Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This is my first blog using my new computer. Yay!!!  I've got to say there's some drawbacks having a new more current Office program.  Amazing what companies consider more efficient ways of doing things.  For me it's something new to get used to but I'm getting it, slowly but surely.

Today's blog is my attempt at a similar story to the Fly Guy books that both my grandsons enjoy reading so much.  The whole series is about the adventures of a boy named Buzz who adopts a fly because he sees in him the makings of a friend. What really wins him over is the fact that the boy believes the fly is really smart because, afterall, he can say his name, BUZZzzzzz!

Sometimes it's just the two of them and their adventures, sometimes it involves other characters but my favorite concept was when Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl. So I took off with that idea and embellished it. Believing that my grandsons would like the story even better if it could have something to do with them, I created a scerario which had the two flies hanging around their house watching their whole family at play.  My grandsons won't hear the story until tomorrow so you have a sneak peek.

by Patty Lynn

When Little Fly Guy met Little Fly Girl
He grabbed both her arms and gave her a whirl.
He said, “Never did I ever hope that I’d find
A little Fly Girl who would have a like mind.”

They both loved to fly, eat things that were old…
And spoiled, disgusting and covered with mold.
What fun they both had as they flew here and there,
In the day and the night, they hadn’t a care.

Then all of a sudden their flying was halted
For Fly Girl had spotted a chocolate malted.
She said, “Let’s fly down there and have us a taste.
Come one, now, let’s hurry, there’s not time to waste.

The malt was delicious but Fly Guy was done.
“What should we do now, hey, isn’t this fun?”
Little Fly Girl agreed then flew really fast
To a family with children who were having a blast.

The boys loved their swing set and climbing the wall
And flinging the Frisbee and throwing the ball.
The Dad picked up sticks to prepare for the mowing.
The Mom brought some drinks to keep them all going.

The Mom called, “Hey, Gavin, best flips I have seen!”
As he jumped and he flipped on the huge trampoline.
Then his brother named Ian soon joined in the flips
As both of their parent enjoyed all their tricks.

Fly Girl said, “I love it, to watch them have fun.
Of all of my favorites, this fam’s number one.
Oh, look, there’s their doggie, they all call him, Archie.
He loves to chase balls, to the neighbors he’s barky.

Sometimes if I’m hungry, I lunch on their snacks.
They swat and they yell, I go then come back.
But mostly I watch them, this family’s so nice.
The Dad says, “I love you,” to the boys and his wife.

If I was a human I’d be just like them,
Like if we got married, afterall we're good friends.
And we would have children, two girls or two boys,
If we buzzed together we’d make such a noise.

“Know what, now I’m hungry, let’s see what we find,
With me in the front and you there behind.
My family left crumbs we can nibble and chew.
Today’s great adventure,
I’m afraid it’s all through.”

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