Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I'm sure I've shared with you my frustration with the Google fiasco regarding changing everything. They had made it impossible for me to meet their criteria so that I could continue to do a yearly renewal of this blog. Hours upon hours taking me around in circles and even frustrating my husband whose help I enlisted to see if maybe I was missing something. And then my computer savvy son-in-law came around and asked if he could make heads or tails of the confusing supposed HELP pages and, of course, I said his help would be much appreciated.

He immediately agreed that the directions and requirements for the new renewal procedure were beyond difficult to understand and anything but efficient.  So he tried this and tried that and was sent around in some of the same circles I had encountered.  But he was much braver than I had been.  I was afraid of trying some out-there paths always dreading that I would screw things up even more. But he's young and much more adept than I and after about 20 minutes figured it out. Hallelujah!!!! So now I'm good to go and I don't have to lose sleep about my 6 year blog disappearing anytime soon.  Thank you, Will. I couldn't (Lord knows, I tried) have done it without you!!!!!

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