Thursday, January 30, 2014


Earlier this month my niece, Laura, had her second child, a boy this time.  We're all so excited that this sweet baby, Jacob, has been added to the ranks of our family.  Babies are such a miracle and this darling is no exception.  As we did with her first, we visited this sweet family in the hospital only hours after this little life came to be.  There something to be said about holding such a brand new being.  It certainly is a privilege to be there only hours after he took his first breath. 

The older I get I find myself becoming more aware of the circle of life but most acutely at a time like this.  This precious child truly has his whole life before him, immense, vast, with almost limitless possibilities.  But as we live it, that life moves so fast and at such frenetic pace that while we're in it we miss so much, ponder so little.  It's only as we grow older that we look back and wish we could have been more in the moment at the time we were making those memories.  I think that's one of the reasons we cherish our grandchildren so.

As grandparents we have the time, the patience, and the perspective so many of us lacked at the time we were making our way, pursuing a career, creating a home and raising our children.  All I know is that babies are a miracle and I'm so glad we've added yet another one to our family tree.

by Patty Lynn

Our family's getting bigger.
We're tickled pink, that's true,
But since a recent birth took place,
I'd say we're tickled blue.

He had a date, all pre-arranged,
Expected to arrive.
Though Jacob grew impatient,
His Mom took it in stride.

Now he was big, 8 pounds plus 12,
A stress on his poor mom,
But she is quite a gal and she
Remained composed and calm.

I've got to say, as there he lay
Within my arms I thought,
If only such a moment could
Repeatedly be caught...

Not by a camera's photograph,
But isolated time
That I could call up when I'd want
Experience this sublime...

This feeling of this miracle,
This tiny life entwined
With my old life, so much life lived
The two of us combined.

For babies are a jewel rare,
A treasure hard described.
Mere words inadequate they are
Not possible, I've tried.

Our family is blessed, indeed,
This angel, our addition.
This Jacob boy, we'll so enjoy
Forever my suspicion.

Soon he'll grow up before our eyes
Miraculous he'll be,
Not just a baby anymore.
This wonder we'll all see.

Before too long a toddler he.
Then off to school will go.
Time flies so fast, wish childhood lasts,
And growing up was slow.

Why can't the clock adjust its speed
So we could ponder all
The moments that fly quickly by,
Sweet memories to recall?

But it must be that life goes on,
The seasons of our lives,
Only a few remembered then
And we will be deprived...

Of recollections, detailed ones,
As memories can fade.
I'm thankful for ones I'll have.
This time I wouldn't trade.

So welcome, darling, to this world.
Your whole life lies before you.
We're tickled blue of ours you're part.
Sweet Jacob, we adore you.

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