Friday, December 27, 2013


As this blog's title suggests, this is my final offering for 2013.  Can't quite wrap my head around the fact that this year is nearly over.  It has gone by amazingly fast at a time in my life that I wish time would move slower.  It's that old, "How much time do I have left on this sphere?  Will time and health have their way with me?"  The answer to question number one is, who knows. And the answer to question number two is a resounding, "Yes!"  But I'm not dwelling on that.  It doesn't do any good anyway.  My hope is that the upcoming years will be full (including a continued rich walk with God) healthy and filled with the joy of family and friends.

Tonight's blog, that is poem, was started about a week before Christmas and then with all the hubbub of the holidays,it got put on hold until today.  It has no real purpose other than it's a light-hearted look at something childish.  I do love writing from a child's perspective, or an adult being taught to be free and happy by a child.  Hopefully, children will enjoy reading this one and I'd have to say it's one more possible children's book to add to my collection.  I hope you enjoy it.

by Patty

A little girl that I once knew
Would only wear the color blue.

And whether she was dressed for play
Or off to church on Christmas Day...

Her clothes were always shades of blue.
A change to this would never do.

I asked her why, she told me this:
"Another shade would make me flip!

I know it's crazy but for me...
The color blue fills me with glee!

For shades of blue, why, that's my thing.
It makes me want to dance and sing!"

Right then and there she sang a song,
A ditty short, not very long.

And as she sang made up a dance.
She said, "Come on now, take a chance."

So timidly I tried my best,
To dance like her, at her request,

But it was hard for me to be
Like her so happy and so free.

She saw that I was timid, shy
Said, "Come on,give the dance a try."

I closed my eyes and 'round I flew
And as I did I felt brand new.

The dancing made me feel so free.
I understood what she called glee.

Then something happened, don't know why,
Behind the lid there in my eye.

Instead of black, why I saw green.
The prettiest green I'd ever seen.

That color made my spirit soar.
I never felt like that before.

And now when I'm a wee bit low,
I close my eyes and take it slow...

I think of green, my favorite hue,
And soon I know just what to do:

I sing a little song and then
I dance around just like my friend.

She taught me how to sing and dance.
Come on now, won't you take a chance?

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