Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Tonight as I was deciding which poems to choose for my next book, I realized that this post was never published to my blog.  I have no idea why but it wasn't and as read through it once again well, the tears kept coming.  It truly shows how precious grandchildren are to all of us lucky to be grandparents.  So, as a trip down Memory Lane, here is the post from 2013.

This title may seem a bit extreme but I've never been so serious in my life and I just had to share this with you.  I've been sick for about 10 days and consequently I missed my usual time with my grandchildren.  I only hoped they missed me as much as I missed them so you can imagine how surprised I was to hear how much one of the twins really did.

I picked both boys up from school on Monday and they looked genuinely glad to see me.  Although they both said, "I missed you, Grandma" I was in store for some musical evidence that my absence was truly felt.  Shortly before 5:30 when I had decided it was time for me to go home (I still don't feel a hundred percent,) Ian asked if I wanted to hear the song he wrote for me.  Of course I answered with a resounding "yes" and we proceeded to the office where he sat down at the piano.  Both boys have started piano lessons this year but are at a truly beginner level.  But Ian is certainly not at a beginner level in creativity or confidence.

This little tender-heartedseven-year-old began by telling me he had written a song for me but then corrected himself and said, no, it was five songs.  Regardless of the exact number, this Grandma was regaled with a series of the darlingest, composed on the spot, love songs expressing how he truly missed me.  Here is a sampling of some of the lyrics:  "Where is she, where is she.  I don't know where she is, I miss her, I miss her.  Guess I will only see her in my dreams.  My Grandma, I miss her, I wish that I could kiss her.  Oh, where is she, where did she go."  Can you even believe how sweet?  And now you understand my title for this blog.  I said to my husband when I called him on the way home, "After that song, if I had died that night I would have died a happy woman."  Grandchildren are such a joy and moments like these so far surpass joy that it's hard to give a descriptive word that could express it.

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