Sunday, November 17, 2013


This past Thursday my son-in-law had one of those milestone birthdays.  He turned the big four O.  (Ah, I wish I shared his milestone but that ship has sailed.)  Anyway, my daughter pulled out all the stops and took on the task of planning a surprise party for him.  He knew the two of them were going out with a couple of their friends.  What he didn't expect was that another 25 of their friends were at the restaurant, hiding behind the bar all poised to shout, "Surprise" when he walked in.  He was truly surprised which made the evening even sweeter.  And, as they say, a good time was had by all.

Today we celebrated with cake and ice cream at my daughter and son-in-laws house, a perfect ending to all the birthday festivities.  Cake and pie and ice cream were delish and two of the three children played while the grown-ups yacked.  Ian was so exhausted from having a sleep-over at Papa John's where bed time for the twins ended up being a little before midnight.  Come to think of it, Papa looked pretty exhausted, too.

The poem below I wrote for my son-in-law.  I try to compose one every year and I usually stick it in with his card:

Will's Turning 40, Yay!
by Patty Lynn

You may be turning 40,
But you're not halfway home.
You've got a lot of life to live,
So there's no need to groan.

The future's bright and with it brings
More memories and adventures,
Like watching your two boys grow up
Until you get your dentures.

There're concerts with your besties
And TV soccer, too.
There's drinks with friends &
when that ends,
Those friends will all be new.

For you'll forget just where you parked,
Walk in a room and say,
"I know I came in here to get...
What was it anyway?"

But you've got many, many years
Before you'll see your failings.
Denial is your greatest friend
And speaking of your ailings...

You'll find that when you sit and rest
All comfy and all cozy,
It won't take long until you find
You'll feel a little dozy...

And pretty soon you'll start to snore.
Your better half will wake you.
You'll get up just to get something
And find your bod forsakes you...

Because each joint will ache, you'll see.
Your body will complain.
You'll notice that it gets much worse
If we're expecting rain.

Forgive me if I spread the wealth
The aging game is FUN!
Just ask someone who's old, you'll see.
It's loved by everyone!

I guess that 40's what is called
A milestone, a marker.
You aren't young, you aren't old,
I know I've made it darker...

Than what it is, because, you see,
We who are older still,
Are envious and wish that we
Were 40 like you, Will.

All jokes aside, we wish the best
On this your marker birthday.
We'll celebrate, our voices raise,
Commemorate this Thursday...

November 14th, of the year
Two thousand and thirteen,
Until you're 41, next year,
And we again convene.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I'm not writing with prejudice, I just know that women with children can relate better than you guys out there.  My niece is in the late stages of her pregnancy and to say she's a bit uncomfortable would be a gross understatement.  I guess we should look on the bright side as, at least, it's not August.  She's still uncomfortable but she's not dying from the heat.  How's that for the bright side?

I've been having her on my mind, praying for her and wanted her to know that so I, as they say, put pen to paper, or more accurately say, put fingers to keyboard and sent her this poem last night.  If you know someone who's experiencing something similar, you might want to share this with her:

by Patty Lynn

I know you're having quite a time
With baby number two.
The days, they're feeling more like weeks,
The weeks, a month or two.

But pretty soon that miracle,
Your baby will be born.
Who knows, he may come late at night,
Or, maybe, early morn.

But he WILL come, now that's for sure,
To bless your family
With tiny toes and button nose.
Now that I guarantee.

For babies are just glorious
And nothing can compare
To every first, hard to describe...
These blessings of your care.

I may be no spring chicken,
But I can still recall
How my heart leapt, that essence kept
Deep in my soul...enthralled...

With all those memories I hold dear,
Of being this, a mother.
The joy of that, still knocks me flat,
A feeling like none other.

I envy you, this time of life,
So much ahead of you;
Another child to nurture, love,
With God to see you through.

So please accept these simple words.
They come right from my heart.
I pray God bless and keep you both
As you your love impart.

May all your days of waiting be
A great anticipation
As deep within your baby grows,
This child of love's creation.