Friday, October 25, 2013


Tonight's blog is my latest poem.  It may seem a strange choice of subject but if you know the reason for it's writing it'll make more sense.  This year for my 3 & 4 year old Sunday School class I've decided to let the puppets take a more active role.  Last Sunday the puppet known as Sprout donned his Moses costume and told the story as Moses complete with a little boy voice trying to sound like a grown up man.  The boys and girls loved it.  Of course, I told them that Sprout was very serious about his role as Moses and they shouldn't laugh but the moment they took one look at him in his brown beard, they all cracked up.  "Moses" did a great job of telling the story and I was thrilled that they really listened with rapt attention to the whole story.

This Sunday Sprout's counterpart, Lilly, will take center stage.  She will share a poem "she wrote" to review the story and add some more details about the trip from Egypt to the Promised Land.  Then the boys and girls will pretend they're God's people on that long journey with empty, growling tummies.  They'll hold their tummies and close their eyes and when they open them they will see what they felt falling from heaven, the manna that God sent. (Really it's a half slice of bread and a few banana chips in a snack bag for them to eat.)  Boy, will they be surprised!  Who do you think is getting a bigger kick out of all of this, the children or me?

Here's the poem that Lilly will read to the class:

by Patty Lynn

Many, many years ago a baby boy was born
His Mom was oh, so very scared because her heart was torn
Because she loved him very much but knew he would be killed
The Pharaoh was the meanest man with fear and sadness filled.

She made a basket for her son, no water could come in,
Then placed it in the River Nile and kissed his precious skin.
But God was taking care of him, that baby that she loved
And sent that basket to someone as He watched from above.

The Pharaoh's daughter picked him up and loved him like her own,
But Moses' real mom cared for him until he was more grown.
Then Moses lived within the walls of Pharaoh's palace grand.
He didn't know he'd be the one to do the work God planned.

One day when Moses took a walk a bush he saw a burning.
This special bush would not burn up but from it he was learning.
For as he walked up to that bush he heard the voice of God
Who told him to take off his shoes, which seemed a little odd.

And God said, "Moses, where you stand is very holy ground.
Come closer, I have news for you, a job for you I've found.
I've chosen you to lead the slaves, my people here in Egypt.
This job's important, I've picked you and you had best believe it."

Now, Moses he was scared because the Pharaoh, he was feared,
But God said, "Moses, I'll help you, the way for you I've cleared."
The Pharaoh didn't want to let God's people leave the land.
"They cannot go, the slaves MUST stay. Now that is my command!"

"You cannot keep God's people here!" was just what Moses said.
The stubborn Pharaoh finally said, "OK, now, go ahead."
God's people left to find the place God promised they could go.
That land was big, that land was rich, where all their crops would grow.

The way was long and they grew tired complaining all day long.
"We're hot, we're hungry, sweaty, too, perhaps to leave was wrong.
At least in Egypt we had food, and we weren't thirsty either.
Moses, you go tell our God that we don't want to be here."

But God was listening to their prayers and fixed the situation.
He said, "I love you and I've got an end to your frustration."
God sent a special kind of bread from heaven every morning.
This MANNA came for everyone just as each day was dawning.

Their tummies now were finally full but still their throats were dry,
And they complained, and whined some more, "This really makes us cry!"
Then God told Moses, "Take your stick and hit the rock I show you.
Now make it count and make it loud, the sound should go right through you."

So Moses took his stick to strike and God said, "Hit it there."
God's people saw a miracle with water everywhere.
They cheered and ate and drank and thanked the Lord for all He'd done.
God kept His promise everyday, took care of everyone.

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