Saturday, August 10, 2013


It's been awhile since the last post, that's obvious, but I've been working on my new book of poems called Words of Witness.  I would have been further along with it but we had our first (and hopefully our last) tornado this week.  We were a bit more fortunate than some of our neighbors in that we didn't have too much damage, just the garage door, a few branches from trees and my swing set for my grandchildren that sustained a turned over top and some cracked boards.  Our insurance adjuster will be coming on Monday and we do have a small deductible so not too devastating.

The hardest thing was losing power for a day and a half.  A person doesn't realize how much we depend on our utilities.  I can't tell you the number of times I flicked a switch when I knew there was no power.  Each occurrence, and there were many, was followed with saying under my breath, "Are you kidding me? How dumb can you be?  You know there's no lights!"  But we survived.

Anyway, as I needed one more poem for the first part of the book, it necessitated that I write a new one.  This is what followed:

by Patty Lynn

We all think of heaven as a place far away,
Way up in the clouds where we'll hopefully stay
For all of eternity, in those mansions prepared
By God and His Son whose love they both shared...

With all the believers, dressed in pure white,
A choir of angels who sing through the night.
Perhaps we'll have halos for perfect we'll be.
We know we'll have wings and we'll sit at His knee...

As He tells us the answers to all of our questions.
We'll listen intently to all of His lessons.
And often, we hope, we can push back the clouds,
Observing the earthlings, those frustrated crowds

Who hustle and bustle, so busy they be
With things unimportant, if only they'd see
That one thing is needful, belief in God's Son
Who died and arose and eternity won.

But heaven could be much more than a place.
It could be defined by the Savior's sweet face.
It could be just having Him tangibly there,
Forever and always His touch and His care.

For that would be heaven, more perfectly lived
With Jesus the Christ who died to forgive.
And with His perfection our lives so divine
Eternally lived with Him intertwined.

No pain and no sorrow, no hurt and no tears,
No time to be measured in days, months or years.
Wherever, that place would be heaven to me,
Perfection with Jesus is all that I'd need.

So whether you think that heaven is found
Way up in the sky above all the clouds
Or envision a place that's defined by God's presence,
What matters is this for this is my message:

Just one thing is needful to experience His grace:
A heart that believes with God as the base.
For believing that Jesus has died for your sins
And rose then at Easter, eternity wins.

Commit to the Lord, living life like His child,
Never giving the devil the chance to beguile.
And then when you falter knowing God with forgive.
Then that is a life that is fittingly lived.

It matters not where we eternally dwell
For, indeed, where God lives is enough to compel
The sinner repentant, who believes in His grace
To leave earthly strife for God's own perfect place.

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