Thursday, July 4, 2013


I shared with you the unexpected and major diagnosis that one of my close friends received lately.  And when something like that happens, it doesn't just effect the person it effects everyone in the family, especially the spouse.
With that in mind I wrote the following:


I sit here wishing I could do
Some thing to make it better.
A word, a thought to change somehow
What you both face together.

This is so hard to understand
Accept it...that's too much.
Your poor minds reel, your poor hearts feel,
Long for the Savior's touch.

And I assure you, He is there
To give you strength to bear
This hideous reality.
Accept His comfort, care.

But that means you will have to give
Yourselves in sweet surrender.
To give yourselves to Him is how
He'll show His mercy tender.

That sounds so hard, this giving up,
Give all of this to Him.
Especially when your taking charge
Is all there's ever been.

For that's the only way you know.
It means you're in control.
A problem comes and you take charge.
Solution is the goal.

But this is unlike anything
You've dealt with in the past.
Controlling, it's not possible.
And, yes, the dye is cast.

And so, dear friends, I send you love
And prayers for all you need.
May God extend His helping hand,
His love your souls to feed.

This simple poem I offer you.
It's all that I can do.
I feel so helpless, love you so
And want the best for you.

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