Monday, July 22, 2013


Those of you who follow my blog know that I'm desperately trying to do another poem book, and I am...but this is a lot of work!  Anyway, I'm assembling the poems I'd like to include and I ran across one of my favorites.  I thought I'd posted it before but in doing a search this title never came up.  Soooo, I found the poem in one of my folders and there was so much there that I thought I'd take a second look.  To put it tactfully I thought it could use a re-write.  So I've been working on it for a couple of days now and this is what I've come up with.  It really sums up what I feel about witnessing.  I hope you like it.


I had a visit from a friend
And we began to talk.
He voiced some doubts within his heart,
As leisurely we walked.

He said his mind was weary
From the nights he tossed and turned.
He found it hard remembering
The things that once he learned.

He said he felt alone and lost;
God didn't feel as near.
He found himself unsure about
Beliefs he once held dear.

We talked about so many things,
His life, his faith, his heart.
Here's what I said and what I meant;
God guided every part...I told him:

From every flower's petal,
To every drop of dew,
From every fluffy cloud of white,
The sky so bright and blue,

Every rainbow's vibrant bands
To every plant that grows,
Everything that's beautiful
From our children to a rose,

Was created by the Hand of God that guides us every day;
The One who watches over us but lets us choose our way.
Though sometimes disappointed, at the choices that we make,
He always loves, always forgives, all this for Jesus' sake.

Each baby ushered in that gives a loud and lusty cry,
Is greeted by his parents there who give a happy sigh.
But they were picked by Jesus to love and tend with care,
That he might know the ways of God and talk to Him in prayer.

So if you have a doubt of mind about the Lord's existence,
Take these examples to your heart to serve as a 'for instance.'
Just take a look around, my friend, at all the earthly wonders.
So much is there and everywhere, exceptional their numbers!

And blest are we to see all this, these miracles each day,
The awesome things that make life good, what else is there to say?
From animals to human beings so perfect His creation.
To doubt this all would be a crime, to God, a violation.

So if you say you must see God, just see what He has done.
At night the moon and stars above, in day the brilliant sun.
Just know the blessings you receive are from the Lord above,
And when your heart finally believes, you'll feel the Father's love.

My friend walked out the door and waived, and then he said goodbye,
He turned to me with tearful eyes, as if about to cry,
He said, "I've learned so much today and I'll be more aware."
And I said, "Friend, I'll pray for you to feel the Father's care."

I think that day my friend became a little more convinced,
His faith a little stronger and has become more ever since.
I'm happy when I tell someone the things of God I know,
It makes me feel a stronger bond with God and truly grow.

It's not just a coincidence I ran into my friend,
God sends the ones who need to hear that God's love never ends.
His purpose was to cross our paths; they weren't just stumbled on.
And so my words were God's alone, soul-er powered by the Son.

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