Thursday, July 4, 2013


Tonight's blog title may sound like a statement of the obvious.  The older we get the more we understand that there's so little in this life that's within our control.  I know I've said more than once that at this stage (late 60's) we no longer think of life going on and on but see that there's an end in sight and that can be scary.   In reality none of us has any idea how long we have but our hope is that whatever time we have we'll be afforded a good quality of life rather than years in which our health is failing.  Boy, this is beginning to sound morbid.  I guess these thoughts do surface once in a while especially when someone you know is suddenly diagnosed with a major health issue.

Recently a dear friend found himself in such a position and there I was thinking those thoughts again.  It's hard to know what to say at a time like that except, "I'm here for you, I'll keep you in my prayers, if you need anything please let me know," etc. etc. etc.  In addition, I turn to God for the right things to say and ability to put those thoughts into poetry form.

by Patty Lynn

I have you on my heart tonight
For all you're going through,
And wish that I could just erase
All that's effecting you...

And taking your control away.
O, how I wish I could...
Remove this blight, make it alright,
Yes, if I could, I would.

And still, dear, there is something,
That I do every night.
I send a prayer, I know God's there.
His power and His might...

Can do what is impossible
For you or me to do.
He loves, forgives, and comfort gives.
His promises are true.

This burden is unfair we say.
Why now, why this, why me?
But we were never promised that
Our lives would easy be.

When struggles come we must rely
On God, for only He...
Can give us strength, He goes great lengths
To answer every plea.

So when you're scared and worried, too,
Please turn your eyes to Him.
He is the Source; He knows the course.
God's there; He's always been.

Just know that we are praying, too
And love you, our dear friend.
We pray you feel the Spirit's touch
When you can't comprehend...

The reasons for your trial and pain,
And yet the light will come.
God has a plan, a purpose, dear.
All this you'll come back from...

And you'll emerge much stronger still.
There's much for you to do,
Accomplish in the Father's name.
His strength He's given you.

So with His help you're on your way
To keeping your perspective.
Remember God is there for you.
Your comfort His objective.

And all of us who love you so
Are right there, too, to pray:
God's blessings send, at each day's end,
Today and every day.

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