Sunday, June 2, 2013


Tonight's blog is one of great joy.  A grand feat was executed perfectly yesterday and something that incredible, I can't but blog about it.  My brother-in-law decided a few months ago that he would throw a surprise party for my sister to commemorate her recent milestone birthday and, I've got to say, I was doubtful as to whether he could really pull it off.  Initially he knew he wanted it to be a catered affair in a hall in their community so immediately contacted a number of caterers and got copies of their menus and rates.  He then sent out emails with this information to some of to me some of my sister's friends and asked their opinions and suggestions on particular menu selections, made a decision on which one to choose and the ball was rolling.

Once that was decided, he secured the hall, then turned over room and table decorations to my niece with a few other helpers.  He kept on top of the invitations (about 120 people were invited) and the responses and then arranged for the band he often plays with to come and add music to the latter part of the evening.  I mention all this because I was so impressed with how he handled all these details, more than many husbands would ever attempt or even think of doing.

Then the day, yesterday, arrived and as I had agreed to lend a hand with the decorations, we began getting the place ready.  When I arrived I found that there was a room chart showing the table arrangements, band area, gift table, and, O yes, an area where the screen would hang for the power point presentation of so many past photos of children, family, friends, past get-togethers, vacations, etc..  Are you impressed yet?

Bottom line to all of this is the surprise.  I've got to say I had my doubts as to whether this could really yield us that moment we live for with any surprise party, could it really be a complete and utter surprise for the guest of honor?  As each attendee filed in they asked, "how is he going to get her here?  What's the story?" And it did change a few times as the family wanted to pick just the right reason why she should come there doesn't matter.  She walked through the door, we all shouted, "SURPRISE!!!!" and from the look on her face, there was no doubting whether he pulled it off or not.

The food was fabulous, the decorations lovely, the band was terrific, there were friends from as far away as Australia, and, as they say, "a good time was had by all."  It sure was and, without a doubt, I know that this will always be a very special memory for both my brother-in-law and...the guest of honor.