Sunday, May 26, 2013


My hope is that when you read my latest poem you won't feel a negative vibe.  (Wow, I don't think I've ever used the word 'vibe' before.  Who knows what I'm capable of in the future.  The word choices are apparently unpredictable.)  Anyway, after this horrific week, month, year, I had so much on my heart that it literally spewed out as if it had a life all it's own.  So, when I took all of that on, this poem was result.  Please don't get the impression that I've created it with a defeatist attitude, the old, we're doomed philosophy or I'm depressed about how bad things are; quite the contrary.

Rather, these are my observations.  Maybe yours are different.  Hopefully we share a recognition that our world is changing and not necessarily changing in a good way.  My intention is to make you think as you read it and perhaps, if you believe it's warranted, decide that you can improve things in your world and the world of your family.  Maybe you'll vow to pay closer attention to politics, recycle your garbage or quit using your cellphone when you drive.  Maybe you'll be aware of your conversations or disagreements when your children are in the room or maybe, just maybe you'll see the need to get back to God, to attend church again or just to practice The Golden Rule.  As far as the world is concerned, if we're going to make it a better place, these are the kind of changes you can make.  One person or one family, we can make a difference.

by Patty Lynn

It seems so inconceivable,
The News, day in, day out.
The heinous and the violent,
Is that what we're about?

I find it hard, although I try,
To think back and remember
A time when being human held
Some pride to be a member.

When caring for your fellow man,
The rule not the exception.
When someone's word was good as gold
And wasn't a deception.

But now it seems it's hard to trust
The common man, your neighbor.
Be wary, don't you go next door,
Or ask him for a favor...

He may be plotting, making bombs
Or hatching terror plots.
What's happened to our world, I ask?
A dollar for your thoughts.

A dollar, that's inflation.
The cost of living's rising.
The gas, the cars, the houses, too,
It isn't that surprising.

Stock market's up, stock market's down.
A roller-coaster ride.
Computer scams and mail fraud.
Can you take them in stride?

Life's easier, convenient.
Man's wastefulness, immense.
Supposedly we're better off
But really, where's the sense?

Turn on the tube, what do we hear?
It seems, it's always BAD.
Man's inhumanity to man.
Each motive, iron-clad.

"He wronged me," "I hear voices,"
"His politics," "His snoring."
"I'll shoot to show my point of view,
I don't believe in warring."

And all this tension isn't helped
By weather unpredictable.
There's such extremes in hot and cold,
Tornados, quakes despicable.

And why, because we've tampered with
Our world and our environment.
Advances, progress, at what cost?
"That's rubbish," says our government.

But what's the truth, the real low-down?
We're duped by advertising
That's tells us it will be 'OK.'
You feel the water rising?

We're all effected by the "flood,"
Disasterous consequences.
It's not just infrastructure, folks.
We must come to our senses!

We've strayed so far, our values lost,
But is it irretrievable?
It's up to you, there's much to do.
It isn't inconceivable.

Together we can make a choice
To end a world complacent.
Go back to basics and instill
The Golden Rule replacement...

"Do unto others as you'd have
Those others do to you."
This sounds so simple but in fact
It's powerful and true.

So if you recognize you've been
Deceived and so betrayed,
Take this to heart and make a start.
There's changes to be made

This world needs to get fired-up.
This world is You, remember...
That every roaring fire's blaze
First started with an ember.

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