Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I wasn't going to do a blog today, had no poem in mind, nothing to inspire one and...the world went crazy again.  Again?  The events of yesterday afternoon are still weighing on my mind, keeping me in a state of fear, disbelief, and total bewilderment. This world is spiraling out of control and week after week we're bombarded with one more disaster, one more heinous crime committed by some lunatic with a gun, one more horrible weather event after another and, for me, it's becoming harder and harder to process all of it.

I tend to react from a personal place, wondering how one human being can be so hell-bent on hurting others that they are capable of  horrific things, things I can't even fathom.  This person or persons has no regard or compassion for his fellow man and obviously lacks no moral compass.   I find myself wishing that they glowed in the dark, had some distinguishing mark or were surrounded by neon signs so that finding and stopping them would be easy.  But that, of course, isn't realistic but the state that we're in, is that our new reality?

Has this post-September 11th world we live in become one in which we have to watch for oddities in the people around us, look over our shoulder constantly, and shy away from large public gatherings because someone may have left a bomb in a trash can?  Are there no safe places?  Has the world just plain gone crazy so much so that we can't even feel safe sending our kids to school? 

And for those of you who query, "Why does God let these things happen?"
remember that it's not God that's responsible, He's given us free will after all.  I think it's a lack a regard or respect for another human being, it's so many who don't feel that God is relevant, that religion is unnecessary, that the Bible is just a book, and the list goes on.  And so do these unthinkable acts.  When will we learn.

by Patty Lynn

Life changes in a moment;
The course is thrown askew
And what was meant for triumph
Shocks and bewilders you.

How can there be a person
Who chooses such a path
To harm and mame, brings chaos,
This tragic aftermath?

We're looking for some answers,
The WHY of cruelty,
But they are not forthcoming
And sorrow's all we see.

Our God is not the culprit.
The blame's on all of us
When evil's all around us
And we don't make a fuss.

But rather we're complacent,
Possess no real worldview,
Don't see our place in all of this
It's time I look at you...

And you in turn look here to me.
We're all in this together.
Our values need to be the same
Not, "yeah, yeah, yeah... whatever."

Our values, mores, have been lost.
Our discipline's been weak.
We treat our children with kid gloves
Which makes their future bleak.

They were not born to be our friends
But gifts that we've been given
To love, prepare, to teach, improve
This very world we live in.

I'll close now as my poem became
Much more than I intended.
So moved was I by these events.
I hope I've not offended.

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