Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Like many of you I, too, have experienced loss.  It just seems it's touched my life directly or indirectly lately and it occurred to me that perhaps this is something we needed to talk about. This blog is specifically concerned with loss in the form of death.

I suppose there are differing degrees of loss and grief based on one's relationship and also, I believe, your particular emotional makeup. But it is loss nonetheless and as someone once said, "death is a part of life."  At the tender age of 67 it really hits me hard when someone equally as 'young' is suddenly taken from the landscape, someone that I have known and it
causes me to think, 'there but for the grace of God go I.' 

A month ago I found out that a relative had just ceased to exist at least that's how it seemed, one minute you were talking to that person and the next they were gone.  Last Sunday someone who had been part of a Bible Study my husband and I had been involved in was mentioned in the Sunday prayers, or rather her family was to comfort them in the loss of her. She was a few years older than I but she might have been the same age, I don't know.  The point is I knew nothing about the cancer she had been fighting for the last year.

More and more I hear about what seems like so many, suddenly being diagnosed with cancer or Alzheimer's or what have you.  These instances are far too frequent and it does give a person pause, to say the least.  Nobody knows when their number is up. It could be ten years from now or NOW.  You just never know.  That's why we must live each day as if it were our last, relishing every moment, every loved one, every sunrise. 

And let's not forget the pets in our lives.  If you've never owned a pet you can't possibly know how deep a bond develops between an owner and his pet.  Consequently, when they become ill and are beyond the scope of veterinary influence and need to be humanely euthanized, it is a painful decision that ultimately becomes a longtime loss.  They are 'members of your family' and that relationship is indescribable.

Loss is a horrible reality of life but, unfortunately, is part of life.  My intention with this blog was not to be morose, quite the contrary.  Rather it was it was a subject I have recently dealt with and I just wanted to share my thoughts.

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