Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It's been a little while since I 'blogged' so I thought I'd better contribute something.  And as I thought I was remembering my recent chaperoning of my grandson's field trip to the Children's Museum.  It's been quite a while since I've done it, probably since my children were in grade school and I thought it would be fun.  It was and I was so surprised that one of the twins, the one who told me not to kiss him at school, actually grabbed my hand going into the bus and the walks from and to the bus.  I guess that was still acceptable.  I hadn't been to the Children's Museum since the boys were three or four so I didn't think about how it's laid out, how big it was, and...
the stairs.
When you have limitations you don't want to admit it and certainly don't want to be the only adult that has to take the elevator so the first time I had to make the three flights of stairs, I did pretty well.  Then came the second time and I thought, no problem...but I thought I was having a heart attack by the time I did those stairs.  At the top was my daughter who chewed me out for having done it once much less twice and I know she was right.  Then she told the teacher (such a tattletale) and insisted that I only use the elevator.  I did make it back in one piece but I think I've learned my lesson.

by Patty Lynn

My grandsons took a field trip
On Monday, with their class.
My daughter went and so did I...
But O, those stairs, I'll pass.

I didn't pass, to tell the truth,
I did my very best
To do what everyone could do,
For me a kind of test.

But it turned out to be too much
I couldn't make the grade.
And by the time I climbed two times,
I knew it hadn't paid.

All out of breath, so much it hurt,
I knew the jig was up.
My daughter really bawled me out
And offered me a cup...

Of water, then she told on me.
She called me on the carpet.
"The elevator's what you use.
My gosh, the stairs forget it!"

So when we needed to change floors
We took the elevator.
The kids thought that was really cool,
Not that they had to cater...

To this ol' Gram who couldn't do
The steps, no, she could not.
My grandson offered his two cents,
"My grandma's back is shot!"

Friday, February 8, 2013


It was totally unexpected.  I consider myself pretty retail savvy.  By the time you get to be my age you've had so much in the way of life experience you think you know the score.  You fancy yourself as someone who can spot a fake a mile away and you certainly figure you know who you can trust, what merchants are honest and definitely which products are on the up and up.  Well, I found out the hard way that I wasn't above being bamboozled.

by Patty Lynn

While shopping at a local store,
A 'big-box' store renowned,
I stopped to hear about a DEAL.
My jaw dropped to the ground!

The demonstrator told a tale
Of knives that were spectacular.
"No need to sharpen, guaranteed,
The bomb, in the vernacular.

"Besides," the guy went on to say,
"The cutting board is free.
A cheese knife, too, it's just for you,
At a price you won't believe!"

"These lifetime knives should really be
Two hundred fifty bucks.
They come inside this wooden box.
They truly are deluxe."

I fell for it, I really did,
Hook, line and sinker, too.
I didn't buy a single set.
I said, "Why, I'll take two!"

"I'll buy one for a special gift.
My daughter needs a set.
They'll make a perfect Christmas gift.
One down, a few to get."

I left there feeling confident
My Christmas shopping started.
How could I know that this would lead
To feeling broken-hearted?

Now, I confess I never used
The knives until morning.
I grabbed one from my new knife block.
(I wish I had fair warning.)

Put knife to fruit, to my surprise
It wouldn't all!
My fancy knife set was a bust.
All I could do was bawl.

Yes, I was duped, smart little me
Was fooled, completely fooled,
Succumbed to flowery promises.
In this life-lesson schooled.

My story could have ended there,
That I was out of luck,
But I persisted, saw it through,
I couldn't handle, stuck.

Thank goodness that the 'big-box' store
Came through and stood behind
Both product and it's customer,
My happiness in mind.

Returned both sets of knives today.
They issued me a credit.
I had been duped but persevered
And did it pay...You said it!