Wednesday, January 2, 2013


As I'm sure you've gathered from many of my previous blogs, I struggle with the whole aging thing, not from a vanity standpoint (although I have noticed a few more wrinkles under my eyes), but rather from the lack of mental acuity which at one time I felt I had (notice the verb 'had').  Never was this more obvious than yesterday when we returned from a grocery shopping trip.  There are jokes about not remembering where you parked the car, the lost glasses being on the top of your head, but this one is a bit more disconcerting.  Besides the grocery items there were a few personal care items like special beauty soap (if only it was that easy), toothpaste, and...deodorant.

It wasn't until later in the day and I don't know what made me think of it, but I couldn't remember where I put the deodorant.  So many things in the course of a day are done without conscious thought but this time I did remember taking it out of the grocery bag and setting next to the phone in the kitchen, so that was the first place I looked.  It wasn't there so I started looking in all the obvious places, the bathroom cabinet where I keep it, the other bathroom where I don't keep it and then I got crazy.  I looked in all the kitchen cupboards the up ones and the down ones, the drawers, the refrigerator, the front closet, my purse, the car, my bedroom and dresser drawers, the basement, nothing.  And then I enlisted my husband who is a wonderful finder and we kept looking and looking and looking.  I must admit I believe we've exhausted all the possibilities and for the first time in all the years of misplacing things we didn't find it.

Now you must understand that this is significant, a milestone of sorts, an instance where the illusive item was NOT found.  I'm asking myself,
"How can this be? There's never been a time when a lost item wasn't found in a matter of minutes or at least the same day."  This has driven me NUTS!  I can cope with the wrinkles, the expanding waistline, an inability to wear high heels, the back pain, but the brain things - not so much.  Please say a little prayer that I find the deodorant.  I'll feel so much better about myself if I do.

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