Saturday, January 12, 2013


Well, here's another 'Poor Me' sob story about winter, the flu, the cold, the...whatever. Chances are you're suffering just like me or will be soon. I'm trying to make light of it but it's no laughing matter especially with all the reports of 47 states all getting an early dose of flu. These seasonal yucks, as I call them, are reportedly coming with a particular vengeance and long durations. They're even rationing the flu vaccines.

Foolish as is may seem, I thought I was immune. I can't remember the last time I had a cold or the flu or been generally 'under the weather.' Of course, I do know there's no such thing as immunity and sooner of later we're all gonna get it.

Tomorrow I'll be celebrating (I use the term loosely) my 1 week anniversary. I came down with this latest bug last Sunday night. Chills, a temperature and generally felling know, crap. Although I really don't know how crap feels or even if it has feelings. Although I felt tired, I had a perfectly normal day on Wednesday and come Thursday, it's a full-blown cold. So I'm sitting here drinking my herbal tea, wrapped in a blanket and hoping I'll have a voice to tell my Bible story for my Sunday School class tomorrow. Is that enough of a sad story to make you glad it's not you? I would certainly think so.

by Patty Lynn

I'm sittin' in my rockin' chair
All wrapped up good and tight,
To keep the cold from seepin' in
This damp ol' Winter's night.

My cold it crept upon me;
T'was when I wasn't lookin'.
O, woe is me, ol' ailin' me.
It's chicken soup I'm cookin'.

The wind is whistlin' through the pines.
The snow a fallin' fast.
Sure hope this cold will leave me soon.
I hate the 'sick' that lasts.

I'm feelin' rotten, tired and down.
The outlook sure is bleak.
No matter medicine or soup,
It'll last at least a week.

These 'bugs' are somethin', somethin' fierce,
Just like the news predicted.
No matter what you try to do,
You're bound to be afflicted.

So wash your hands, and wash your hands
Until they're chapped and dry.
There's still a chance it won't get you.
All you can do is try.

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