Wednesday, January 2, 2013


No, you're not seeing things.  I am writing two blogs in one day but this is a short one and I couldn't have tacked it on to the previous blog.  Anyway, yesterday I was enjoying a day with my grandsons, O, I love them so much.
This was a longer time than usual which gave us a chance to do so many things together.  They love to do 'projects' at Grandma's house so Grandma had given them treasure boxes to make.  I set out all the supplies, paint, paintbrushes, adhesive jewels, stickers and the whole kitchen table was covered with newspapers. They couldn't wait to get started, had their aprons on and went to town.  Well, it got to be lunch time so once Grandma had all the lunches made I moved the kid's table in to the kitchen for them.  Ian suggested that this table (that I had got for them when they were about 2 1/2) was really too small for them since they were such big boys of 6 now.  He thought it would be better to sit at the big table and I agreed.  But when I explained that the only reason we were at the too small table was because the big table was full of all the projects and art supplies, he reluctantly accepted it.  The world has a different perspective when you're a BIG boy of six but sometimes you just have to compromise and accept it.

Having finished his lunch the other twin, Gavin, asked if I had any life savers.  I was all out but I did tell him that I had a homemade Christmas cookie in the shape of a star with his name on it.  You see stars are still his favorite shape.  It has been since he was two so I knew his disappointment about my lack of lifesavers would soon fade, and it did.  But what followed was so adorable I had to share it with you.  Remember when I told him that although I didn't have a lifesaver, I did have a star cookie with his name on it?  His eyes widened as I handed him the cookie, he examined it and said,
"But Grandma, where's my name?"

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