Saturday, January 5, 2013


Why that title?  Isn't that what we all envision at the beginning of every new year?  We want to make changes, improve ourselves, be a better person, do what we weren't able to do the previous year, etc.  But, at the risk of being a New Year cliche, many of us want to shed a few pounds. We want to rededicate ourselves to making better food choices, getting more exercise on a consistent basis, and stop making excuses about why there's MORE of us when what we really want is a little less of us. And that's the subject of my New Year's blog.

I, too, have dreamed of being a few sizes smaller.  In fact, I shed a whole 14 pounds last year having devised a plan that I could stick with and making it a point to drink at least 4 glasses of water each day.  Yes, fourteen pounds is nothing to sneeze at (and please don't sneeze; they say the flu is passed on that way and I don't want to get it.)  But I like the quick fix, don't we all?  The point is, it took me 7 months to lose it and by the time Thanksgiving came and I decided to stop the routine and enjoy the holidays, seven of the fourteen have crept back on.  I know I'm lucky that they didn't all come back plus a little more.

So, I have vowed today, January 5th, 2013, that I will tweak the previous plan and hopefully lose those seven plus a little more.  And the method to my madness is that I've told all of you so it's out there and I have to stick with it.  Oh, by the way, this is my New Year's poem.  I hope you enjoy it and more importantly identify with it.

by Patty Lynn

A brand new year has just begun
Filled with a lot of thought
About the things I didn't do.
Last year with guilt was fraught.

Now is the time to start anew,
With dedication, drive,
To lose unwanted pounds and then
Feel glad to be alive!

For, as they say, it's attitude
That must precede a diet,
Not 'just for now' or 'til I fail'
Or simply, 'guess I'll try it.'

I was so sure I'd found, last year,
The path to reach my goal.
I wouldn't hurry, no quick fix.
That was the way to go.

And slow it was for seven months.
I lost some fourteen pounds.
But honestly, I thought I'd lose
Much more, by leaps and bounds.

I kept the same routine I'd kept
Hit a plateau 'round Christmas.
But then I let discouragement
Make me into a nit-wit.

So here I sit, I'm sure I've gained
Some of the weight departed.
I know I should begin again,
Get going, just get started.

Should I go back to the routine
That gave a SLOW success?
Or should I go to Weight Watchers?
A horse apiece, I guess.

It's just the thought of meetings leaves...
Me cold and full of dread.
Would I do well with it online?
"It's easy," some have said.

I know I've got to make a choice
And one's not, "I won't diet!"
The task's at hand, I must, I must.
The need, I can't deny it.

My New Year's prayer is one sincere:
Dear Lord, show me the way.
Bless this my quest, make it my best,
Grant me your strength each day.

I can't do this all by myself.
Willpower's not enough.
But with my hand inside of yours,
The road won't feel as rough.

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