Friday, January 4, 2013


Tonight's blog is about something near and dear to my heart, forgetfulness (said very sarcastically.)  This is a normal thing as one gets a bit older, forgetting where you left your keys, parked the car or what you are looking for.  Well, as I mentioned recently, I could not find an item that I purchased while grocery shopping.  It was hard to believe that neither me nor my husband was able to locate it and I was growing more and more frustrated in our desire to find it.  I won't keep the suspense going any longer, I did find it.  How, you ask?  That was as ridiculous as losing the item in the first place. Yesterday as I was getting my makeup on I happened to think of something else I bought, not from the grocery store but from Hobby Lobby.  I had finally found these little plastic baskets I love to use.  Unlike the deodorant, I had no recollection of seeing it after I left the store.  On a lark, I went to the place the baskets should be and surprise, surprise, they were there.  And, as you probably have figured out, the deodorant was in one of the baskets.  I suppose I put the deodorant in the basket when I was putting them away with the intent to put the deodorant in the back bathroom.  Another mystery solved.  But how to avoid this from happening again, I have no idea.

I decided to write this little short one to put a poetic twist on forgetfullness.

by Patty Lynn

I've lost 'em, yes, I've lost'em,
My marble's what I mean.
I put them down, I know I did.
They've simply left the scene.

Each day I realize it more.
My marbles I have lost.
Old age is trudging forward.
It moves at such a cost.

Things could be worse, I know they could.
I'm thankful for my blessings.
My brain sustained a blow, of sorts.
Could you supply a dressing...

For me to wrap around my head
Until my brain gets well,
And I could go back years ago
When I was bright as hell...

Could hold my own in things discussed,
Remember what I heard,
Could utter things articulate
Not say a word...

That I forgot as I would speak
And lose my train of thought?
It seems that now I've missed the train.
The schedule I've forgot.

And speaking of what I've misplaced,
Those marbles are illusive.
One day I think I've got them all
The next, I'm a reclusive...

Because I cannot stand the thought
That I'm not as I was once.
It makes me blue, I've got no clue,
Just feel like such a dunce.

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