Thursday, January 24, 2013


The strangest thing happened yesterday.  I was completing the illustrations, (I create pictures that go with the Bible story for Sunday School,) and for whatever reason, I found myself remembering one of my favorite hymns, Heaven is my Home.  Don't know why, didn't hear anything that bought it to mind.  It was just there. And talk about multi-tasking,  I wrote this poem while I was illustrating.  It's somewhat different from the process I usually use to write, a rather stream of consciousness form I guess.  At least that's what I would call it since it hops around a bit.  So if that kind of poem doesn't appeal to you just read it anyway and see what you think.  Poems like life aren't always predictable.


When I was just a little girl
There was a hymn I loved.
I didn't understand it then;
It spoke of things above.

The title really said it all,
That 'Heaven is my Home'
But as a youngster it was just,
A song set to a poem.

The words, 'I'm but a stranger here,'
Confused my little mind.
How could I be a stranger here?
No greater life I'd find.

Now passed the middle age of life
That song, it rings so true.
My time on earth is limited.
Dear Father, I see you...

If only now in my mind's eye.
Each day brings focus clear.
I realize a stranger, I
And heaven isn't here.

My grandsons ask me what it's like,
Inquisitive they wonder,
If heaven has a trampoline.
(If not, 'twould be a blunder...)

And swings and bikes, balloons and gum
For them that would be heaven.
In heaven would you be a child?
How would we know you then?

Such innocents, yet 'in the world,'
Wish my love would protect them,
Keep them from being 'of the world'
That evil not effect them.

And then my mind goes back again
To what I sang in youth,
The 'earth is but a desert drear.'
Age clarifies the truth...

Of how God loved this world so flawed,
Yet gave His Son to be...
The Resurrection and the Life.
Believing this I'm free...

To claim as mine that heavenly home.
I am a stranger here.
I know that when my journey ends
His face I'll clear!

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