Thursday, December 27, 2012


My intention was to post this yesterday at it concerns itself with the day after Christmas, but I didn't finish this until a few minutes ago so you'll have to excuse me.

I'm a bit melancholy tonight dealing with the fact that Christmas day is over. I don't know about you but it seems as though it's been many more days post-Christmas than it really is. It's only been two days!  How can all the prep and anticipation be over? It seems like only yesterday that people were caught off guard when I said, "Merry Christmas." What's happened to our society? That used to be on everyone's lips during the holidays. Now I feel like an oddball when I say it, but I say it anyway. I refuse to let that simple greeting fall by the wayside.

As many before me have said, wouldn't it be great if the spirit of Christmas could stick around all year?  Well, I have some reservations about that.   At the risk of sounding like a cynic, the spirit or should I say the Spirit of Christmas even at Christmas, seems to be waning. I'd even go so far as to say, if this current holiday climate or spirit would hang around all year, count me out.

People feel pressured to get their Christmas shopping done wondering how they're going to fit it all in with work and family. It starts being a chore. No joy there. Clerks are get disgusted with unpleasant customers and working overtime checking their watches longing for quitting time. Merry Christmas, indeed. No joy there. Packages have to be wrapped and some have to be mailed. So now I've got to hike down to the Post Office.  Where will that extra time come from?

At least this is my take on it, but doesn't it seem this way? The commercializing of the holiday doesn't help either. There's such an emphasis on presents not about the Christmas Story and the meaning of that for all of us. Put Christ back in Christmas is a much quoted adage but He does seem to be missing, doesn't He? Anyway, it was these thoughts that prompted my latest poem.

by Patty Lynn

T'was the day after Christmas
When all through the land
There was pushing and shoving
With an elbow or hand.

The crowds before Christmas
Sought out bargains galore,
Now, too, on a mission
They knocked things to the floor.

They were thinking of next year
Buying paper and bows
And cards for the sending
With love, I suppose.

It wasn't Black Friday
But resembled the chaos.
The shoppers were yelling,
"We were first, c'mon take us!"

The more that they waited
The louder their chatter.
Disregarding all others
As if only they mattered.

Seeing all this first-hand
I thought about Christmas
Found my spirits start sagging
From this out-of-whack business.

Had no one remembered
What the season had meant?
The love of the Christ-child
Had it come and then went?

Or worse had their Christmas
Lacked love from the start
A mere get-together
Not been from the heart?

Was it all about presents
Most expensive, most prized?
What a sad commentary,
This Christmas of lies.

"Dear Father in heaven,
Look down from above.
Your children are straying.
Please bring back the love...

Of Bethlehem's Jesus
So tender and mild,
Who came to this earth
As a baby, your child.

They've forgotten what happened
On that first Christmas day.
They've forgotten your Son, Lord,
Whose the Truth and the Way."

On this day after Christmas
Let's remember the reason,
That it's not about bargains,
Or your gifts for next season.

Hold sacred the birthday
Of Jesus our King,
The BEST gift of Christmas,
Above everything!

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