Saturday, December 15, 2012


As you know, Christmas can be crazy but each year I try not to let that happen. This has actually been a pretty calm one as I chose to do most of my purchasing online. I hate the whole shopping experience (yes, I am a woman and no, I haven't lost my marbles and yes, I strongly dislike the shopping thing.) I guess it's because after you retire there's no need for new clothes, the perfect jewelry piece or matching bag so I really have no interest. That being said, one has to get an early start as you do run in to things running out and you have to allow enough time for things to be shippec.

Everything was going well until dun, dun, dun...I received an item that I just couldn't accept. It wasn't broken, the wrong color or the wrong size, it just was such poor quality I couldn't keep it. So, as directed, I phoned the company, explained thr situation and made another selection. Now that would have worked fine save the fact that they were out of my chosen item. You'd think, well, I'll make another choice, but I was sure that this item, a walkie talkie with a 2 mile range, was perfect. You see, I have twin grandsons and this would actually be something they would HAVE to share, it required two players. So I shipped back the less than stellar item and proceeded to try to find the same item elsewhere. Not just a walkie talkie but the same ones with the same features.

My daughter's

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