Thursday, October 4, 2012


You'll never guess what I'm doing this weekend.  I know, I know, livin' the dream, livin' the dream.  Of course, that's true of most weekends.  That's right.  Frank and I live an exciting life.  But, you know what?  This week it's true.  Well, at least for me, anyway.

A group of my old college friends, women, most of which I haven't seen in 45 years (you heard me,) are getting together Saturday night to attempt to catch up on all the things that have occurred since we all graduated from Concordia Teachers College in 1967.  Incidentally, this is Homecoming weekend at Concordia but I'm only able to meet up with them for happy hour and dinner afterward on Saturday. 

For a long time I wasn't sure I could make it, the last back surgery having taken place so recently and not knowing how I'd fair.  But all went well there and, just between you and me, I'm beside myself with anticipation.  The passage of time and aging in general are great equalizers. No one is trying to impress anyone, just being ourselves with no pretense.

This group was never one for pretense anyway.  Their a wonderful bunch of girls, ahh, women...I mean...ladies.  But it really does boggle the mind that that much time has gone by, most of us have married, have children and in most cases grandchildren.  At 21 this was not on our radar, just the anxiety of our first teaching job, how we'd do and maybe hope we'd meet someone
down the line, maybe get married and have a couple of kids someday. Now we've all lived those somedays and all that is behind us.  It's a lot for me to wrap my mind around. 

What I've got to remember is not whether I can wrap my mind around all this or not, but rather what a blessing it is to connect up again, reminisce, share and just enjoy each other's company.  What a privilege it will be to see these good christian women, again.

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