Wednesday, October 10, 2012


As I shared with you in my last blog, I was going to Chicago this past weekend for a Homecoming of sorts.  It actually was Homecoming Weekend at the college I attended, Concordia Teachers College, but this mini-reunion was a small bunch of gals getting together after many, many years, 45 to be exact.  I still have a hard time saying those words because it seems so incomprehensible that that many years have gone by.  But it is what it is and when you graduate in 1967, the year 2012 is exactly 45 years.

A couple of the gals and I have seen each other since graduation but most I truly hadn't seen in all this time. That's why this was so special.  I celebrated my 67th birthday on the day of our reunion so that made it even more of an excuse for a celebration  The amazing thing about getting together in our mid-sixties was that we all found that we still liked each other though our stories (marriages, divorces, children and grandchildren) were different.  After the fact I pondered that we had come almost full circle, first college girls with career aspirations, the hope of meeting "the one," and children, now found that was all behind us.  We shared our health issues, creaky bones and stiff bodies, caring or having cared for elderly parents, the death of a parent or parents, grownup children and in some cases grandchildren. Though our lives had been different, they were similar too.

We hope to get together again after a few more years have passed.  I think it's a good idea that we do, sooner than later, as I secretly hope that we do before some of us have completed the full circle, if you know what I mean.
Funerals are not the best circumstance to see old friends.

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