Sunday, October 14, 2012


In my haste to share with you all about the 45 year reunion, I neglected to post the poem I wrote in anticipation.  It was a labor of love? comedy? delusion?reality?  Well, whatever it was the "girls" got a kick out of it and so did I.  After all, if you can't laugh at yourself...  Here it is:

by Patty Lynn

(As I anticipate meeting my old friends, I'm lost in thought recalling some college memories. My thoughts are fragmented and erratic, as they usually are these days... I wonder why? O, well. I say to myself:)

I can't believe how long it's been
Since we girls were together?
Time passes and it leaves its mark.
So what if I look...weathered.

(I come upon a table of "older" women
and being lost in my own scattered thoughts and not remembering if they've told me their names, I say:)

You gals are so dressed up tonight.
Did you tell me your names?
And, by the way, where did I park?
Did someone hear a train?

So tell me, who are you again?
You're all such cute old ladies.
I'm here to meet some college friends.
What are you, in your eighties?

I haven't seen my college friends,
Don't know how long it's been.
So tell me, is it hot in here?
I really need a fan.

Do you have this, it's something else?
First hot then cold again.
I know I've seen you all someplace,
But gosh, I don't know when.'s coming back to me.
Can you gals be my friends?
You say it's been some forty years? it ends.

(I say to myself:)
C'mon, Pat, face REALITY,
We're all a trifle older.
But we're still sexy, we're still hot;
Our fire's not out, it smolders.

Despite our wrinkles, gray hair, too,
It's great to be together.
The emails have been good 'til now,
But face to face is better.

At last the time to play catch-up
On forty years...and then some.
Wish I could make our time stand still
And hold you all for ransom!

My jokes aside, I'm thrilled we've come
Our memories to surrender...
Of by-gone days, of college girls,
Blest friendships we remember.

(45 years? Yikes!!! Are you kidding me?)

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