Friday, August 31, 2012


As some of you may know, I recently committed a mortal sin.  I told myself that I would never again have back surgery because, in my opinion, my back surgery in 2004 was anything but a howling success.  Well, I finally realized that my most asked question by my doctor (and those of us who have bad backs will attest) was,"Does the pain go down the leg?"  After about a year of suffering, my answer was unfortunately,"yes."

Truth is, I had been experiencing some significant leg pain and it was getting really unbearable.  I finally figured out that the reason I was asked that question was because the nerve that runs from the spine and down the leg would behave like I described and there were solutions. 

I knew from the surgeon that a screw had broken off of the "cage" that fused all the bad vertebrae together from the 2004 back surgery, but, of course, he said that it would be "no problem."  Be wary of anyone who says, "no problem."  It usually means "I don't really know if it's a problem but I'll say it's no problem until I know it's a problem and I don't want to have anything to do with you when it becomes a problem. 

So, I did commit the aforementioned mortal sin.  I was insured that another
back surgery would remove the broken screw and whatever else, and I would be rid of the leg pain FOREVER.  Well, the surgery was done on this past Wednesday, as an outpatient no less, and right now I'm not sure what to report.  The doctor said that the broken screw had, indeed, worked itself up against the nerve and a broken piece of bone was also compromising the nerve.  I have a big incision and though I was told it would be held together with steri-strips, is held together with staples.  My leg pain before surgery would come and go, now it's constant and I have to use a cane.  But, I'm only 2 days post-op and it's too soon to tell anything.  I do know that routing around in there has surely caused aggravated inflammation to the area. I still remain optimistic and hope and pray that the promised outcome will be a promise kept. 

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