Monday, August 20, 2012


Wow! That's a big word to start out tonight's blog.  Well, it seemed more sophisticated than, JUST THINKING ABOUT SOME STUFF.   I'm sure you agree.  What I was contemplating is a subject that crosses my mind all too often, aging.  Now lest you get the impression that this is because of some bouts of mild depression, let me assure you that I find I am merely more aware of the physical and mental changes that I am going through and now retired, have more time to think about it.  Furthermore, as perhaps I've mentioned before, at this juncture of life, namely the late 60s, I am more aware of there actually being an end to this life.

In your adolescent years all you can think about is being a teenager and all the grown-up things you'll get to do.  When your in your teens all you can think about is getting to twenty-one and all the privileges that go with it.  Your twenties seem to last forever and then, there you are filling out a new form for a new doctor and you're asked how old you are and all you can say is, "th-th-th---thirty!" Yikes! When did that happen?

Once you're nearing the end of your thirties you don't know how you ever became OLD.  You were still young enough to remember that when you were little, someone who was 40 was...old.  And then you looked forward to retiring.  All the travelling you'd do, all the exciting places you'd visit, finally you'd go to Europe (at least that's where I wanted to go,) oh, and the thought of being a snowbird, leaving Wisconsin every winter for Florida or Arizona and then returning home every Spring.  Ah, the things you'd do but...when you were retirement age, all you got in the mail were brochures on Medicare, courted by every insurance company know to man to please, please let them be your supplemental insurance carrier. And certain "things" happened to you physically that made it difficult to travel or for that matter sleep somewhere other than home, and the economy tanked and...I don't need to continue that thought.

And, of course, you had to have all your "arrangements" in order in case of your...DEATH.  You had to be sure your Will was up to date and your advance directive was at every hospital and doctor's office within a 200 mile radius.  Had to make sure your family members know what's what and...well, let's just say once again, you found yourself thinking about this life...ending.  I'm not morose about all this, just realistic.  Not concerned about the lines and wrinkles (although age spots really suck!) but, though I'm not a vain person, occasionally I catch my reflection in the mirror and it surprises me (and not in a good way.)

So as I said, I've been a bit contemplative.  Here's the latest realistic but comic result. 

by Patty Lynn

Aging is a gravity game,
In other words, sag-osis.
Avoiding mirrors and scales a must,
As that fuels our ol' neurosis.

'Cause if you catch a glimpse you'll say,
"I can't believe my eyes!"
"That face, those wrinkles, can't be me.
That mirror is telling lies!"

C'mon, get real, that face, it's yours.
Yes, time's an awful thief.
And you can't make the clock slow down
By your blatant unbelief.

The facts don't lie but, still and all,
You long for a reversal.
You wish the years could simply be
No more than a rehearsal.

Don't stare at ancient photographs
Of how you looked "back then."
Change happens, so get used to it.
Time marches on, my friend.

Instead be thankful you're alive.
And lines, each on, you've earned them.
In twenty years with many more,
You'll regret you ever spurned them.

Besides we don't have any choice
We're subject to time's toll.
The choice we have is just to live
A life that's rich and full.

So live each day as if your last.
Be mindful how you live it.
Forget the superficial things,
And kindness, always give it.

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