Thursday, August 2, 2012


Writing poetry for me is nothing short of complete joy.  As you know, it doesn't come easy sometimes, finding rhyming words confounds me and there are times when I can't be inspired to write anything. But recently, I've simply found a word, a name, a thought and I'm off and running.  Tonight's blog should more aptly be called this week's blog, as it has taken the better part of a week to develop this little children's story into something finished, something worthy of sharing with you.

The inspiration this time came from nothing more than a silly name.   The name was Zelda Zackly and much like Penelope Pickle it took on a life of it's own.  I have thoroughly enjoyed creating this story first, because I'm happy with the end result and second, I love the process of the writing trying new ideas, new rhyming patterns.   It also serves to remind me that I can still do this, not as quickly as I think I should be, but I've still got it (whatever "it" is.)

Well, I've rambled on enough.  It's time to introduce you to:

by Patty Lynn

Zelda Zackly loved to read.
She'd sit and read for hours,
Imagining she was a queen
Or a witch with mystic powers.

Sometimes she'd read when it was dark
'Neath sheets upon her bed.
She'd use a flashlight propped just right,
This "tent" made with her head.

Her favorite place on summer days
Was 'neath her maple tree.
There with some shade and lemonade
She felt a bit less lonely.

But though her books allowed escape
To lovely far off places,
The world she knew made her feel blue,
Not like her world in pages.

You see her Dad had been deployed.
She didn't understand.
He said he had to fight a war
Out in Afghanistan.

She knew that place was faraway
But unlike books, was real,
And dangerous and scary, too.
In short, a lousy deal.

She didn't know when he'd return,
But even if she did,
It seemed like an eternity,
At least, to this sad kid.

Her Dad was Zelda's bestest friend.
How much she missed his hug.
He'd hug her when he tucked her in,
Called her his "little bug."

So Zelda read and dreamed her dreams,
Imagined he was home...
To play their games and hug her tight.
She felt so all alone.

The months went by and Winter came,
Then Spring and Summer, too.
Though she still liked to read a lot,
Sweet Zelda still felt blue.

She waited, waited, then some more.
"Be patient," Zelda heard.
"It will be soon," her mother said.
"You've got to take my word."

The next day and the next day, too
Seemed like the one before.
Poor Zelda wondered, "Would he come?
My life is such a bore!"

She went to school, then she went home.
Each day was just the same.
She sat there by her big front door,
But Daddy never came.

Then one day when the doorbell rang
Mom answered it and found...
A box just sitting by the door.
Inside a scratching sound.

"What can this be, and what's that sound?
Let's open it and see."
"My goodness!" Zelda's mom cried out.
"This box is not for me."

"It's not, then tell me, tell me please.
Who is the package for?"
"Why it's for you, my Zelda girl.
Go in and shut the door."

Now Zelda was beside herself,
Said, "Mom, please open it.
There's something in it, it's alive.
I just might have a fit!"

Her level of excitement grew
As high, as high could be.
Mom cut the tape along the top.
As Zelda squealed with glee.

For there within the box she found
A darling, little puppy.
She'd wanted one for oh, so long.
The name she chose was Puffy.

Then suddenly she looked at Mom.
"Hey, Mom, who sent the pup?"
"Why look," said Mom, "there is a note.
Reach down and pick it up."

So Zelda reached down in the box
And read the note inside.
With every word that Zelda read,
This happy girl just cried.

Yes, tears of joy came streaming down.
The words made Zelda happy.
"This pup is yours, from me to you.
I love you," from your Daddy.

The note went on "Now Zelda, girl,
There's more to your surprise.
Walk out the door and then turn right,
Be sure to close your eyes."

So Zelda gave the pup to Mom,
Then closed her eyes real tight,
Held onto Mom, walked 15 steps,
And then turned to her right.

Her Mom said, "Zelda, stop right there.
And open up your eyes.
Now look right there in front of you.
Your biggest, best surprise!"

But Zelda had to rub her eyes.
She knew that she saw someone.
"Oh, Daddy, is that really you?
You're home, Dad, this is awesome!"

This moment was for Zelda Z.
Her every dream come true.
And as she felt her Daddy's hug,
She whispered, "I love you!"

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